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Imagine Knowing About Norman's Habits, But He Refuses To Hurt You

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Warnings: …. It’s Bates Motel, Norman Bates, so…..

Author: Lee

Part 2

You jumped as Norman slammed the door and sat on the table across from you. He had blood all over him as he stared at you. You slowly pushed away your algebra homework.

“What’s up?” you asked slowly.

“Not much.” he answered shortly.

“Well, it looks like you had an eventful night. Have fun?”

He smiled a little and shrugged with a small chuckle. You slowly lifted yourself from your chair and stood tall, looking at him a bit unnerved. He held eye contact with you as his smile slowly faded.

“Y/n, do you understand why I came here covered in blood? Stepped right into this room without even trying to hide the things I did?”

You shook you head slowly.

“It’s because I know you know” He uttered in a very low voice as he jumped of the table and took long, slow strides toward you.

You wanted to scream as Norman got closer to you. He had a very dark look in his eyes and you held your breath as your back hit the wall. Both of his hands smashed into the wall by your head, trapping you between his arms. You closed your eyes tightly, waiting for death. You felt him close, so very close.

“Are you scared?” he was centimeters away from you. You could only nod. “You shouldn’t be.” he said quietly.

You opened your eyes as he stared at your lips. He was so close and you started to question your sanity because he looked good covered in blood, hair a mess, uncaring, being himself.  

“I’m not going to hurt you in any way, shape, or form.” he pressed his lips to yours. He held you close, he was so gentle in everything he did and that made you almost forget that’d he’d probably just brutally murdered someone. You tried to talk yourself out the attraction you were feeling.

Psychopaths are charming, you’d tell yourself, they want you to like them, that’s how they get to you. They make you trust them; they only have the power they’re hungry for if you give it to them.’  

‘Unless they can take that power’ the other part of your thoughts interrupted. 'psychopaths take what they want, and this one wants you’.


Norman saw you, feeling giddy all over in just one moment until he saw the guy walk up and wrap two long arms around you. What really got to him was the smile that graced your face as it happened. He felt like his heart had fallen apart inside of him. When you caught his eye you gave him a small smile. He returned it sadly, and then felt a tear slide down his cheek. Norman hadn’t realized he was tearing up. You had moved on, and he had yet to.

“He’s got nothing on you, baby,” Norma said, startling Norman. He made quick work of wiping his tears away.

“Mother? How long have you been there?”

“You know what to do baby boy,” Norma said, “You know how to deal with him.”