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What’s with these rappers where their voices don’t fit their personalities? Like voice so low it causes earthquakes. Face so bright it replaces the sun. They’re like cupcake warriors. Much low but so squish.

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That is all. Feel free to add your favorite low rapping angel cupcakes.

B1a4 as your boyfriend

(Just something I was kicking around with my best-friend today)

Baro: Passion. Tenderness. Deep kisses. Roaming hands. Star gazing. Big spoon 80% of the time, little spoon other 20%.

Cnu: Strong, forever type love. Long lazy kisses. Slow sweet love making with bursts of intensity. 100% big strong spoon.

Sandeul: Small adventures. Strong kisses. Netflix and couch cuddles. Wine tasting and hating it. Laughing. Shopping car races. 100% embraced cuddles. 50/50 spoon.

Jinyoung: Take home to mom. Constant comfort. Small kisses, all the time, everywhere. Cozy home. Dog. Cuddle face to face, legs tangled. Hair strokes.

Gongchan: Resting his chin on your head. Silly hand holding. Playful Nicknames. Silly touches, pokes, tickles, walking his fingers down your side. Feather kisses.