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#HappyStrongChanDay to b.a.p’s cutest prince, himchannie ♡

you are so amazing in every single way & please don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. i’m so glad that b.a.p has a member like you to take care of them. not only are you a flawless visual, you are also an incredibly talented individual. thank you for always trying your hardest in whatever you do. happy birthday himchan !  


Because it is you who never fails to make me smile even at my lowest point. It is you that showed me what true sacrifice and loving is. It is you who made me realize that you can still be better as long as you work hard on it. It is you who taught me to be strong amidst all the problems, challenges and hate around… So, thank you. Thank you for everything. I love you! #HappyStrongChanDay  


“Because of Himchan, our younger brothers follow me better now, his existence is really important. Actually our younger brothers are also following after him, that’s why he is the member that I always want to thank.” - YG
“It is possible that 6 of us would have never met each other, isn’t this fate? If it wasn’t this fate, could we meet each other as members? Although I am not sure about our fate in the future, let’s walk our lives together, together with everyone. ” - HC

It is also fate that I chanced upon Killing Camp on youtube, watched it and fall for the charms of B.A.P. I might not have liked and supported them from the start, but I hope I can walk with them all the way. #HappyStrongChanDay #ForeverWithB.A.P




Happy birthday to our precious visual, Kim Himchan ♡ B.A.P is nothing without your stunning good looks, your charismatic aegyo and your spine tingling deep voice. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for BABYz, and alsofor your members. Your love and care for them reaches new heights, and every day we should count ourselves lucky to have you be such a big part of B.A.P. Thank you again, for everything, and I hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.
We love you, we miss you. Happy birthday, Himchan!