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Just a theory

So I’ve been thinking about the avatar reincarnation cycle and I came up with an interesting theory. What if the avatar spirit chooses it’s next host because the previous avatar had a strong connection to where the next host was born? Roku’s spirit chose the southern air temple. He could’ve chosen any of the other three but I think he chose the southern air temple because of his long friendship with Gyatso. Aang must have chosen Korra because she was from the southern water tribe, that was also the same place where he had met Katara who he had later fallen in love with, married and had children with. Which means Kyoshi might’ve had some sort of connection to the fire nation and Kuruk to the earth kingdom etc, etc. It’s just a theory though. Tell me what you think about it.

To all Antis who insist on posting hate on the tag of the ship you’re against

I have 2 words for you

Grow. Up.

You’re not making any friends with your behavior. You’re not winning people over to your side. You’re not even really agitating the people that ship the paring/s you hate.

You’re just making yourself look like a dick. And in the future those posts will haunt you. It may be years from know until then. But one day you will look at what you have posted, and feel a deep shame at how you acted back then.

I already know what some of you will say in response to this

“You’re a pedo”

“You’re a homophobe”

“You’re a racist, cisgendered, patriarch-propagating, misogynistic pig!“

For that last group I’ll let Alucard handle this

For the rest of you I wont even bother blocking you, I’ll just ignore you. That way you will get EXACTLY the amount of Attention you deserve.