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Katara and Ty Lee questioning how Aang and Zuko have shut themselves off emotionally, pretending like they do not care (for Aang, it’s about losing Appa; for Zuko, it’s about his past), even though they certainly do. 

Aang is trying to distance himself because of what his anger did to him in “The Desert.” For Zuko, he’s trying to sort everything out, and he just gives into his anger. 

Favorite avatar as voted by people.

It’s no surprise that avatar Aang is beloved by atla and lok community and got most votes. He was the boy we all fell in love during series and grew up. Since he was the main protagonist its no surprise people elected him as their favorite avatar. Beautiful watertribe girl, who is also complete opposite of Aang, just couldn’t reach the fave that goofy airbender achieved. I guess you could also say that nostalgia and Aang being the first avatar we got introduced to the viewers also was main factor why some people voted for Aang instead of Korra. Only in rare occasions the sequel can reach and surpass original show.

Avatar Kyoshi, long lived badass Earth kingdom avatar, got the third place. Do i need to tell anything else here? No! Next up we have the first avatar Wan. It’s right to say that if someone fucked up there is good chance that it will be firebender. After all they were responsible for a lot of stuff. You could even rename show to “How big firebenders messed up this time and its consequences!” Avatar Wan was the main reason why entire avatar circle exist. He messed thing so horrible that entire avatar circle had to be born to fix it. I guess that’s one of the reason’s why people liked him. And as always his successor had similar luck. Avatar Roku, another firebending avatar, got the fifth place.

The sixth and seven places goes to avatars Yangchen and Kuruk. They were least featured avatars so its no surprise that only several people voted for them. (Only one for Kuruk).

All avatars and the votes they received:

1. Aang 169 votes 38,2%

2. Korra 138 votes 31,2%

3. Kyoshi 56 votes 12,7%

4. Wan 48 votes 10,9%

5. Roku 24 votes 5,4%

6. Yangchen 6 votes 1,4%

7. Kuruk 1 vote 0,22%

Unsurprisingly when people voted on least favorite avatar, their votes look like inverted answers to previous question about favorite avatar. This time some of the voters decided to remain silent, so there are less votes and some positions are changed. Almost half of all people voted that Kuruk is the least favorite avatar. After that the votes divided almost equally among other avatars.

Least favorite avatar as voted by people.

1. Kuruk 194 votes 44,7%

2. Yangchen 85 votes 19,6%

3. Kyoshi 44 votes 10,1%

4. Roku 43 votes 9,9%

5. Korra 35 votes 8,1%

6. Wan 23 votes 5,3%

7. Aang 10 votes 2,3%

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also can u list all the comics in order to read? ive never seen this sokka and bell thing?? and i honestly dont remember what i read so i need to read them over

a few years ago i actually made a list of EVERYTHING in the avatar franchise, in chronological order. here you go

it includes all the canon episodes, comics, graphic novels, webisodes, video games, etc. from both shows, and i still keep it up to date. it’s the order i’ve been following for my rewatch. have fun!

It’s days like these where I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home with Atla. We had such a great day getting things done around the house and packing to visit grandma and grandpa this week.
I’m so so so lucky to have such a hard working husband that made sure this was possible.