gif: artie


“Oh we owned Puberty and made it cry. Damn, you make the ripped jeans look work… badass”

Kurt looked up from the photo album they were both looking at and giggled. “Oh my! Thank you, Artie. I never thought I would hear that word associated with anything I wore. Gotta say, I was a little relunctant to that photoshoot, but it turned out good, right?”

oh shit wait– uhhh- hold on-

oh! yeah its working- holdddd upppp– there!
[camera angles down to view a messy.. teen? adult? no one knows really}


this is uh… kind of a diary series i guess,, a bit,,,,, yeah, anyway im Klyde! im just a dude who chills out here in my hometown, i uh,, i go on a lot of walks n stuff, so you’ll see a lot of that….

i forgot what i was gonna talk about..

welp thats all for today! later!

[screen goes black, what a nice kid ay?]