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So back in February, @lesbianjackrackham​ and I had a 7 hour brunch theorizing what would in Season 5, assuming that they didn’t make it into the Framework until then. So we wrote this right after 4x13 (“BOOM”), the Agnes episode. Because we’re too damn proud of ourselves, the first seven seconds of the video is a screenshot proving that this was all done on February 11.  The video takes you through the midseason finale of Season 5.  The rest of the season is below the cut (under the text of what’s in the video)

Here’s a list of things we accurately predicted:

  • Someone will have to go into the Framework to rescue May
  • Jemma is dead in the Framework
  • Mace dies at the end of season 4
  • Radcliffe dies in season 4
  • A character doesn’t want to leave the Framework because of a child that doesn’t exist outside of it
  • Ward comes back
  • Trip comes back
  • HYDRA comes back
  • There’s a scene where power is draining on someone who is plugged into the Framework and they have to decide what to do
  • Fitz makes some ethically questionable decision
  • They have to track down a dead Radcliff in the Framework to help them escape

If you don’t want to listen to us talk over each other for 13 minutes, the text version is below the cut, along with the second half of the season 

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pride prompt: non binary Fitz

much thanks to @agentcalliope for the header! 

so this is still definitely nb fitz but it also turned very much into an exploration of fitz and daisy’s relationship in 2a, which like, i dont know how it happened but i also shouldve seen it coming. but yes lots of daisyfitz ahead! and gender presentation explorations! 

~3500 words 

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The knock on her door is quiet. Nervous, Skye thinks. The kind of knock where you’re not sure it was even meant to be heard.

She sets her laptop down, brushes back her bangs (which she’s still getting used to, always tickling her forehead), and answers the door.

Fitz isn’t looking at her. He’s staring down at his hands, which are clasped in front of him, wringing anxiously. Skye is surprised he’s here, but pleasantly so. It’s been a while since he’s sought her out like this. If it were a mission, May would’ve gotten her, so she’s sure this is something personal.

She smiles at him, though he doesn’t look up to see it. “What’s up?”

“C-Can I- um—” He waves his hand. “Talk? Talk to you. A-About something.”

A niggling of worry growing in her gut, Skye nods, and scoots back from the door. “Yeah, of course. Come on in.”

Fitz enters cautiously, and hovers in the middle of the room. He seems too nervous to even shoot a look of distaste at Skye’s mess, and that’s how she knows something is wrong. Usually he’ll at least make a comment, the standard joke about a tornado sweeping through, or laugh as he shoves her stuff to the corner of the bed. But he doesn’t. He just stands there.

Skye tosses some of her clothes onto the floor, and then pats the newly-tidied bed, taking a seat herself propped against the headrest. Fitz sits, scratching a fingernail idly at a spot on his pants, not looking at her.

Things have been different since his injury. And especially since Jemma had left. He’d grown isolated, and Skye doesn’t know who to blame for it. It seems cruel to blame him, though that’s the easiest option. Should she blame herself? Surely, she must have had some part in it. She’d tried, of course. She just didn’t know how to act around him anymore. And no matter what she did, it seemed like the wrong answer.

She tries to act like nothing’s different. But it is. Things are different. And she doesn’t think either of them know how to cope with that.

And Jemma’s back now, which hasn’t seemed to fix anything. Not that Skye thought it would, she’d just … hoped, maybe foolishly. Hoped that something would change.

“What’s up, Fitz?” Skye asks, going for a light tone, unsure how it lands.

“Um.” Fitz scratches at his cheek, eyes aimed at the floor. “Y-You know I’m- uh- nonbi- non …”

“Nonbinary?” Skye guesses.

He nods quickly. “Right. Nonbinary. I-I’ve just been thinking- um- thinking lately … If- Had I not told you … you would-wouldn’t have known.”

“Yeah,” Skye says. “I didn’t guess until you told me.”

“Right, ‘cause you can’t …” Fitz motions to himself.

“Can’t what?”

“Um—” He closes his eyes, brows furrowing, and motions again.

Skye waits for him to continue. She never knows what to do at times like this. Does she wait? Does she try to help? Sometimes he just gets frustrated when she guesses, because sometimes she can only guess wrong.

“Tell!” he finally finds, eyes popping open. “You can’t tell.”

“Right. Okay.”

“And I- I- I think …” He gives a short, frustrated sigh, eyes finding the ceiling.

Skye waits, mouth twisting, but he doesn’t seem like he’s going to continue. “Do you … want people to be able to tell?” she asks.

Fitz snaps, then points to her, nodding. “Yes, that.”

“Okay.” Skye nods, thinking for a moment. “You mean you want your clothes and stuff to reflect it?”

Fitz nods again.

“So we’re finding your aesthetic.”

“Um—” Fitz reaches up to tug on his ear. “Y-Yeah.”

Skye smiles. “I can work with that.”

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