gif: american psycho

Everyone in the anti killing stalking tag is talking like it’s something so abnormal and new to show a really sexy serial killer, yeah it’s even believed that the author did it on purpose to make him sexual appeling to the readers so that they are conficted about him like let me intoduce you to this guy

thats patrick bateman the protagonist of “American Psycho”, a psychological horror movie and an absolut classic about a narcissistic business man who butchers his competitors. sometimes just because their business cards are cooler than his own.

sexy patrick doing sports in the morning

sexy patrick loves skincare

sexy patrick in the shower

fucking creepy patrick like no stop

sexy serial killers are nothing new so stop shaming the author or the fandom it’s not that difficult to see an character as sexy and fucking terrifying at the same time. anyway it’s like so realistic that manipulativ and sociopathic people are fucking pretty ‘cause they know how important looks are if you wanna sleep with people and kill them afterwards like WHERE IS THE SURPRISE