gif: aliens

Sometimes, I think it would be better off for the universe as a whole if homo sapiens never scatter among the stars and discover alien life, because past experience proves we’d call it ours because we liked what we saw, colonize their planet, steal their resources, enslave them for manual labour and introduce foreign diseases that would wipe out 98% of the native population.

Other times, I think aliens would take one look at planet Earth and pass on by, either scared of what they say or too advanced to deal with a species with our track record.

Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, they’re optimistic. But we’re human. We’re petty, fickle, arrogant about our capacity for building great empires, ignorant of our ramifications and our capacity for ruination.

Of anything in science fiction, Time Lords best herald human potential. Prepared to accept the destruction of the universe as a consequence of a war, just as long as they win.

Let’s be generous and assume that every one of the alien city-destroying mother ships [in Independence Day] was downed. Do you have any idea how large a 15-mile-wide spaceship is? Each one is like a flying city, 1,000-stories high and about 100 blocks wide in every direction. And while New York may not have been designed to have giant spaceships fall on it, we have to imagine the space crafts had been designed with a contingency plan for gravity.

Speaking of which, any aliens who happen to be sitting in one of those crafts is probably going to make it. … Take into account the weaponry the aliens will be able to recover from their downed ships, and we have a District 9 situation on our hands… only we’re the ones herded into camps. #CrackedClassic

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