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Here are a couple of adorkable Alex Morgan dancing gifs.

Alex is attempting to dance the Samba. You be the judge. Makes for some entertaining gifs though.

I can’t wait for a behind the scenes video of all The Gals trying to dance the Samba! That would be amazing and highly giffable of course.


I think the olympics is different because not only you’re representing your country but you’re a part of a bigger community, and you all have your own journey, you all have your own stories. And so there is so many different paths in order to get to one place, for one goal and that is to stand on the top of the podium and represent and honour their country at the end of the day. We all want to come home with our country proud of what we’ve accomplished.

33/ of alex morgan


What Does Gold Feel Like? - Coca-Cola TV Commercial No.3 #ThatsGold

We were tied 3-3 and I went up for the header. I see the ball going in the back of the net, I couldn’t believe it happened. All of my teammates rushed me. It just makes it all that sweeter knowing that we all did it together.