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Reaction HC's for Muu,Judal and Aladin if a girl approches them, being really shy,stuttering and having a red face. Somewhat trying to confess to them, stating they do not mind getting rejected but they watend to get it off their chest. Praising them, pointing out they really admire them and obiviuosly being really in love with them yet trying to be strong and bowing to them after theire done waiting for the rejection.


> Blushing, Muu will be taken aback by her sudden confession, not being able to neither reject nor accept what she just told him. Sheepishly scratching his chin and looking away, he’ll slightly lean forward, so that not everyone can hear their conversation right away, suggesting the two of them could go on a date some time, so he can think about her words once more, before having an answer to her feelings


> Normally it’s so easy for Judar to keep a collected mind, but a confession out of nowhere doesn’t even leave him unaffected. Staring at her bowing, he’ll huff, crossing his arms and turning away slightly, before replying that what she said isn’t anything new to him and he already heard these words ever so often. Facing her again, he’ll order the girl to straighten up again, adding that even though she’s not the most original, he feels like rewarding her courage in some way, inviting her to accompany him on a stroll around town sometime


> His cheeks turning light pink, he’ll urge her to stop bowing to him, taking a split second to look her deep in the eyes, once she raises her head. Taking a step back and breathing out worriedly, he’ll give her a big smile, thanking her for being so open with him, going quiet before adding, that as the things are right that moment he can’t reciprocate her feelings, but if possible would like to meet up again in the future and see where it takes them


So I watched Aladdin for a project I’m working on and at the end Jafar becomes a genie, wouldn’t Jay be a Genie? 

Here’s how I’ve come to this conclusion; Genie in that universe has a daughter and she is also a genie. So again wouldn’t that have something to do with Jay being a Genie? 

Also apparently they deleted Aladdin’s kid; which would have been like good friends with Jay which is totally understandable and I see it. I actually see them being best friends. 


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