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Top 5 cases in the Phoenix Wright series

5. Turnabout En Suite. Released as a tech demo for Nintendo’s new 3DS console, this unique case uses the 3DS’ front-facing camera to reveal that the murderer was in fact you, the player.

4. Turnabout Blossom. When a newly-retired Phoenix takes Maya to go visit a traditional American cherry blossom festival, he’s just expecting a quiet day out. But when an American shrine maiden is found stabbed and Maya is found holding the knife, Phoenix’s quiet day is ruined as he’s forced to approach the bench once again to prove her innocence - and figure out why the blossoms on the body appear to be weeks old…? Find out the truth for yourself in this puzzling case that was pulled from shelves by Capcom after executives realized someone had accidentally hidden a photograph of a dude’s weiner somewhere in every character sprite and background cg.

3. Turnabout Fifty Bucks. In this landmark case for the series, Phoenix steadfastly refuses to defend any new clients or leave his office until Edgeworth gives him a cool fifty bucks. When he gets the fifty bucks, the game ends, the player’s save is erased, and the game cart shoots out of the DS across the room.

2. Turnabout Big Top. Fuck off, it’s my list.

1. Turnabout Ghosts. Uh oh! Trouble for Phoenix Wright once again as he’s forced to determine which of a cast of fifty characters could be the murderer, and this time some of them are ghosts

If Phoenix can’t avoid the updated autopsy  report in any au then Miles can’t avoid being mentally sacred  by Von Karma in some way. 

Basically Edgeworth graduated earlier than Phoenix (like in the games) and was solo defending Alan Wenderson. A completely innocent man against Von Karma. In his pursuit for continuing his non-losing record Von Karma forgers evidence to frame Wenderson and Miles was powerless to stop him. Which cripples Miles’s self confidence that he can even be a lawyer. And spends the next two years being a paralegal to his father. 

When Phoenix finally becomes a lawyer himself  and joins the Edgeworth firm he helps get Miles back into the court and taking clients again where there able correct Wenderson’s false judgement in a retrial.