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This is how you leave a show. You drop your MVs.

Fuck yes Namhyung. Fuck. Yes.

Whistleblower MV
선택장애 audio only

Phantom: Why are you so upset because I hooked up with Blackquill, you’re the one who says you’re gay when looking at him all the time.


Phantom: I’m literally you, what else am I supposed to d-


Ghost!Bobby: ……… If I kissed you, it’d be like indirectly kissing Prosecutor Blackquill.



Phantom: You’re a ghost. You’re dead.

Ghost!Bobby: Uh..

Phantom: Also I killed you.

Ghost!Bobby: Okay, okay, I realized it was a weird idea while I was still talking.

at the beginning of an ace attorney case: so this is just a straightforward homicide case
at the end:  actually this case was set in motion by the events of the fd-4 incident 19 years ago which was caused by the tr-2 incident 5 years before that which was related to the mk-7 incident six months prior, but 4 years later the qw-1 incident happened which indirectly caused the px-3 incident 15 years later, triggering the js-4 incident 2 months after, which caused th

It Wasn’t a Mistake

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 5487

Warnings: sin, fluff, angst?, blood

Author’s Note: I decided to write this to celebrate the trailer of American Assassin coming out and it was a fucking amazing trailer. Dyl looked so good. oml. I want to thank like all my friends for encouraging me that this is good! I wanna thank @dumbass-stilinski for looking it over, helping me with some parts, and just being amazing all around. You da best babe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

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hullo, i’m gonna be attending fanime at table 316 in the artist alley!

i’ve got new animal crossing x tamagotchi charms, dangly necklaces, way too many vinyl stickers, new prints in varying sizes and a lot more

i’ll also be offering sketch commissions that’ll be finished during the con, so please stop by and take a look!

can ace attorney lay off like this. One really specific character trope for all their young female characters who aren’t in the main cast, where she’s introduced as being really sexy / cute and flirty and innocent and helpless and the judge is completely weak for her and the gallery yells at you for being mean to her but then you pick her testimony apart and her personality does a 180 and she’s abrasive and angry and snaps at you and the judge says something like “miss ___! you….your demeanor completely changed! you’re much less cute” and the gallery turns against her and she usually gets completely humiliated before being revealed to be the murderer/an accomplice to the murderer/ a minor antagonist.

like off the top of my head, i can think of april may, dahlia hawthorne, mimi/ini miney, betty de famme, and wocky kitakis gf all who fit exactly into this trope. and that’s just off the top of my head, if i looked for them i would probably find more. like aside from being annoying, it’s just boring and predictable like im playing through spirit of justice blind and geiru was just introduced as being sexy and ditzy with painful boob jiggle animation and im waiting for it to turn out that she’s a sadistic horrible person

also like every brown and black person in the ace attorney series is either the murderer or dead, im not even kidding like the only brown people i can think of are juan corrida, marlon from dual destinies, puh'ray zehlot, gant, and tah'rust inmee. maaaaybe the gavin brothers too. and they are all, respectively: dead, a murderer, dead AND a murderer, a murderer, dead, and a murderer. the only exception is klavier. the series is soooo predictable and terrible when it comes to women and brown/black men