gif: a royal affair


Your Majesty. Don’t get up. I managed to slip away from the ministers’ wives. Years of practice. Do you think we’ll ever be free? The people, I mean. Mankind. Will your treasured Enlightenment free us from stupidity and fear of divine punishment? I think so Yes. Frederik’s generation will be the standard bearer for a new dawn. So we should lie on our deathbeds and rejoice as the new dawn passes us by? You will never see your brilliant ideas carried out. At Court I have the authority of a mere maid. And my husband? He has the authority. I don’t think you realize how much influence you have on Christian. He trusts you unconditionally.

“We had such a little boy school-like camp for me, Mikkel [Boe Følsgaard] and Cyron [Melville] if suddenly on Sunday we could not get home to Denmark. And I bought a football and found some places where we could play. And we could be fired of course, right? It was reasonably much stress for produsers - that we were runing around with the ball. So we had to lie constantly about it and smuggle it out in a way or another - it would not be good if any of us got an injury. And we tried also to control ourselves, but it was a bit difficult because we have some really childish lads inside, all three of us.”

- Mads Mikkelsen about filming in ‘A Royal Affair’