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Femslash Gothic
- You hear rumors of a canon queer female in that new show. You end up watching five seasons just to find the character in a single episode, never to be seen again.

- There’s a blonde and a brunette, you ship them.  You can’t remember a time when you didn’t ship them.

- The internet screams about a particular pairing, you’ve never heard of this pairing before.  The next day it’s all you know.

- “Have you watched Xena?” they all say, over and over. You have, of course you have.  Haven’t you?

- Two women on screen speak to each other, their chemistry is obvious.  Or are you just hungry? So very hungry.

- “Vote in this poll to show them what we want!”  Who are ‘them’?  Why aren’t we asking what they want?

- You sit down to watch a new show, swearing you’re just going to relax and enjoy it.  Two episodes in and you find yourself screaming for them to kiss.  You scream endlessly with no result.

- “Have you heard of-?” Yes.  You’ve heard of everything. All of them whisper to you, crying out for validation.

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Guys, tomorrow we have a big fight against Bamon and its going to be HARD!

I’m here to ask if you guys want to seek out to another fandoms for help. Its a big moment for any LGBT pairing and we should take advantage of that. We NEED to win! we need to stick together and we need help from other fandoms!

Please guys, seek out for help. I will post guidelines to help you vote with the power hours we are doing tomorrow on twitter. 

If you need guidance of how to vote multiple times, contact us on twitter. Yes, we are the crazy Brazilians that trend stuff! 

PLEASE! Let’s win this guys! Ask help from the Hollstein, Swan Queen, Shoot, Bering and Wells, Karmy, Fleurmione, Bellamione, Korrasami…any other fandom you are in contact with and is willing to help!

If you are from any of these, please guys! We are not doing this specifically because of the ship! We are trying to prove a point in the revolution we started!

Here’s the link  Vote like the crazy fandoms you all are!

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i feel as if adam horowitz (swan queen), jack kenny (bering & wells), and jason rothenberg (clexa) are the queer woman’s unholy trinity

I accidentally have lesbians but I deny it, I accidentally yet admittedly have lesbians but I force heteronormativity over it, and I on purpose have lesbians but I kill them off

Can I talk about like how much I love the science of lesbian/bi shipping on Tumblr.

You have the shippers that ship mostly non canon ships, the ones who mostly ship canon ships and then the ones who ship both. And there are also those who ship one and two straight couples.

Like for example; if you follow someone who ships Swan Queen, there’s a 90% chance they also ship Rizzles and Bering and Wells. A straight couple they would probably ship is Caskett from Castle.

If you follow someone who ships Cophine, there’s a 90% chance they also ship Hollstein and Clexa. A straight couple they would probably ship is Linctavia from The 100.

If you follow someone who ships Clexa, there’s a like 70% chance that they also ship Cartinelli or Sansa and Margery (from Game of Thrones). And a straight couple they probably ship is Peggy and Steve, Steggy from the CA movies.

And then there are the ones like me who ship every single lesbian ship from here to Olympus, canon, non canon, crack, imaginative, dreamworld, every fucking one.

Its so fascinating to me and I just love it. You never have to leave any fandom, no matter how many new ships you gain.


Multiship NYPD AU

An NYPD precinct where: Regina must keep everyone in line, which is a big task with all the strong personalities in the precinct. Myka can’t believe she’s the only one who has memorized the manual. Jessica’s attitude and work ethic annoys both her superiors, but she still seems to solve a lot of cases. When Trish isn’t doing her day job, she has her hands full keeping Jessica out of serious trouble. Emma loves taking down bad guys with Shaw, but sometimes needs keep Shaw from going a little overboard. Helena uses her intelligence and charm to make tough criminals spill all their secrets in the interrogation room. Root has a knack for just ‘knowing’ when and where major crimes are about to go down.

PSA for all actors/actresses whose characters are shipped in popular same-sex couples

Do you know what doesn’t happen if you support the same-sex ship for your character? I’ll tell you what: if the ship doesn’t sail, you don’t get blamed for it. Look at Bering & Wells. Were fans angry it never happened? Sure! Were they angry with Jaime Murray and Jo Kelly? No. If anything, fans thought even more of them for having the guts to go where Syfy was too chicken shit to.

And you know what else doesn’t happen? No ones assumes an actor is gay just because they’re supportive of their character’s gay ship. Did anyone speculate that Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor might be queer because they understood the love in Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship? No, they didn’t. Nor is anyone whispering about Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker’s secret sapphic leanings.

What people do assume if you’re supporive of your character’s gay ship is that you’re a decent human being whose sexual orientation is your own business. And why wouldn’t you want people assuming that about you?

Just a little something to think about for people on certain other shows I won’t mention.