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January 18

Lauren’s in Thailand!

She continues her month long vacation around the world in Southeast Asia.

She’s enjoying it!

She’s a fan of Halsey’s art.

Ally, you really had to surprise us with these pictures huh?

Dinah’s song of the day is a good old throwback:

Not just that, but back to work for the fandom!

Keep voting 5H for the iHeartAwards!

Finally, this just in! 5H’s episode of Lip Sync Battle is set to air on February 1st. Mark your calendars!

Ally’s cameo in Famous in Love is also coming soon.

January 16 & 17

The girls are still on hiatus and have been awfully quiet on social media!

Ally is so supportive of her girls!

Excuse you, Allyson!

She loves us!

And AllyBrookeOnline!

Ally does not like getting shots!

Lauren is standing up for what is right! Sign the petition! 

Imagine This: 5H one last time:

it’s the year 2028, youre attending the last concert ever of Fifth Harmony with Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Normani.. the concert is already emotional but knowing it’s the last makes things worst.. all four girls are comforting the crowd, telling you all to not cry and remember the good times.. and that’s exactly what you do. This concert isn’t the usual concert where all four girls are dancing, performing songs and messing around on stage.. this time the whole crowd is in silence, listening to Ally talk about how much she hasn’t grown over the years, Dinahs talking about why the Harmonizers have been the reason her Cheetos addiction got worst and Normanis talking about the takeovers all those years ago and last but not least Lauren is talking.. well at least she’s trying to talk about how Fifth Harmony changed her life… towards the end of the concert the four girls all tell you that that they have one more performance to give you guys… as the lights darken and the stage is hardly noticeable you hear a piano playing the sound of a familiar song.. you play the piano riff in your head over and over until you hear a voice singing ‘It’ll be 'til the end, give me nothing I’ve ever tried’.. you noticed it’s Normani singing the beginning of '1000 Hands’. The person next to you put their arm around the back of your neck, you look around the crowd to notice every Harmonizer around you are all linked together arm by arm swaying side to side to the music.. before you know it the chorus is here.. but instead of the girls singing it as a four, a single voice sings ’I just wanna feel a thousand hands from you.. only you’ you know that voice but can’t quite remember where from… the person behind the voice continues singing the chorus, the lights brighten and the stage lights up, you look up to see four figures standing there with their backs to the crowd.. you can still hear the familiar sound of the unknown person singing, you look through the middle of Dinah and Lauren and see a small figure walk towards to stage.. singing. Everyone around you is talking.. you hear a few whispers behind you which sound like ’it can’t be’ and ’is that…’, you turn to focus on the stage and see Dinah grab Lauren’s hand and squeeze it tightly.. the small figure walks towards the light and is at this point clear to see and it’s exactly who you thought it would be.. Camila Cabello. a young girl who is about ten years old looks at her mother and asks ’mommy.. who’s that brown haired girl?…’ her mother looks at her and says ’baby.. that’s Camila.. you’re looking.. you’re looking at Fifth Harmony’. The music starts to fade as 1000 hands is coming to an end. You look up to see the five girls on stage standing next to each day other looking at the crowd one last time.. Ally puts her mic to her mouth and says ’Thank you for your support through everything.. one last time, we present to you Fifth Harmony’.. everyone around you is crying of different reasons and for a few minuets of your life you feel like you’re truly living… you’re looking at all five girls… you’re looking at Fifth Harmony.