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My personal favorite Kpop Hairstyles (31/∞) →  4Minute’s Jiyoon’s green hair (from ‘Crazy’ era)

hey yooooo i wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the rest of your life too because you deserve all the best and talking about deserving all the best i’m sorry that you get a not so great edit from me. kinda antithetic isnt it :D i had another idea but it didn’t work out so that’s all you get i’m sorry xd have a wonderful life jinny <3

AHHHH WHAT THIS IS SO CUTE ???  what do u mean not so great i’m gonna treasure this foreveR i can’t believe you took the time to make it for me!!!  i’m so touched tbh, thank you so much and thank you for sending such kind words as well!!  you’ve absolutely made my day.


10. Wonder Girls

Still can’t get over their disbandment. Nobody was the first k-pop song I’ve ever heard even though back then I had no idea it was k-pop. One of the three absolute legendary female groups and shall forever be missed and remembered. Love their songs from all eras.

Bias: Yubin 

Favourite song: Rewind

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9. Girl’s Day

Known for sexy concepts and hit songs, Girl’s Day is pretty much the whole package. You have to see them on variety shows to see how much fun they are. I think Sojin is one of the most beautiful k-idols, and Minah’s voice is breathtaking.

Bias: Sojin

Favourite song: Expectation

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These are the Queens of Summer! And who doesn’t love summer? Some people were disappointed with their last comeback because it wasn’t another summer song like Touch My Body or Shake It, but I’m addicted to I Like That. Despite having probably the worst line distributions k-pop has, they always kill it.

Bias: Bora

Favourite song: I Like That (all the way)

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7. Girl’s Generation

Well, of course, “nation’s girl group” couldn’t miss my list. Gee was my second girl group song ever, and I remember having a hard time to differ them all, especially Yuri and Yoona (now it isn’t a problem, of course). All SNSD’s title songs are hits and we all know it, but I tend to ignore the cute ones a bit. I know them and jam to them if they’re on, but still, I prefer The Boys, Paparazzi, Flower Power or Hoot to Gee, Genie, I Got a Boy or Oh. PS I wish Hyoyeon got more rapping parts!

Bias: Hyoyeon

Favourite song: Catch Me If You Can or Divine

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6. Brown Eyed Girls

Naturally sexy, feminine, mature and talented - the full package. As some people in the comments of their video said, “Queens of k-pop, but barely known”. BEG’s legacy is legendary, all their songs are great - I can assure you. Miryo is one of the best female rappers out there (if not the best). Almost everyone knows Gain, but they barely know BEG - and I advise you to give them a listen. 

Bias: Miryo

Favourite song: Brave New World or Kill Bill, love boooooth

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5. 2NE1

I found out that they had disbanded so long ago, I still can’t get over it. Though maybe it’s better? It’s better that they actually part as 4, while they started as 4? I know Minzy left earlier, but they didn’t perform again without her, did they? Anyway, 2NE1 is all I need - strong concept (thank you YG for that even though you kept them in a dungeon for like 2 years), great songs, awesome stage presence. They will be missed and I hope BLACKPINK will fill in the hole in my heart. However, do not forget who was the best first.

Bias: CL (since recently)

Favourite song: Scream

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4. 4Minute

Oh, my despair when they disbanded ;_; These girls slay, no cute concepts (alright, maybe except for 2-3 songs, but still, you can’t compare them to e.g. SNSD), amazing vocals, amazing rapping, amazing image. Not anymore, but for me they still slay. Sitting and waiting for a new girl group like this.

Bias: Hyuna (Queen to me)

Favourite song: Hate (or Canvas maybe…)

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3. AOA

I am so happy AOA is getting a lot of recognition now. They aren’t called Goddesses of K-pop for no reason. They actually have a lot album songs that are bops, and I recommend that you check them out. Their debut was quite embarrassing, but the content they’re doing now is something I definitely say YAS to.

Bias: Choa

Favourite song: You Know That

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And there we are, BLACKPINK. I didn’t get the hype for their debut at all, but when I saw BOOMBAYAH for the first time, I changed my mind. They released only four songs, and even though I already love them all - 4 songs, 4 members, 4 MVs - I don’t want to say they’re the best rookie group around or anything, because that’s to be seen. However, I do stan them and find them most compatible with my needs, especially now that 2NE1 has disbanded. I wish them all the best and hope to enjoy all their future releases. BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!

Bias: Jennie

Favourite song: BOOMBAYAH (still my jam)

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1. f(x)

MY GIRLS! MY GIRLS! Love them all! Quirky, funny, not cute, songs I love - just the full package. I tried to get into other girl groups, but I keep coming back to these awesome four. SM, you did a good job on that, give them a comeback THIS INSTANT! Amber’s rap + Luna’s voice + Krystal’s visuals + Victoria’s smiles + their bond + their personalities = PERFECTION

Bias: Amber, but they’re all my biases

Favourite song: Papi

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Kiev 4’s 01 by J Jakobson
Via Flickr:
Kiev 4M and 4A 1947-1987, Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine 35mm Rangefinder. Metal curtain shutter with speeds ½ to an optimistic 1/1250. The Kiev rangefinder cameras were developed after WW II in the Arsenal factory in Kiev (Ukraine). Soviet forces had “relocated” equipment and personnel from the Zeiss Ikon factories in Germany. -Camerapedia