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[#B1A41STWIN] Wow. Such an emotional night! Everybody alright? ㅋㅋ We would like to take a minute to congratulate our favorite quintet on their first win on a music show. So incredible. For those who were watching along, it is a moment we will never, ever forget. We just witnessed one of the biggest and one of the most proudest times in B1A4/Bana history. They truly deserved it and the wait was worth every second.

To existing Banas, we’re doing an exceptionally amazing job already making their dreams come true, so let’s continue to support these guys! We cannot thank you enough for a wonderful tonight. To all the new Banas, welcome aboard, buckle-up, and hold on for the ride of your lives. This is only the beginning.

This was their first, but at the rate these five illuminating fireworks are going, it will definitely not be their last.

B1A4, we love you. Congratulations♥

Myungsoo TURE feeling shows with teddy bear

myungsoo want to stare at sungjong & Flirting with him

which he did actually

he Threat the fans “DON’T COME NEAR MY SUNGJONGIE” and he want to pointed his mic to sungjong ,

and he did that to

BUT that didn’t satisfied him, he wants More
well he succeed
ahhh Man “DESIRE” are seriously something

Unfortunately Not everything he want can be done in front of people

well he did exploded his Desire 2day since yesterday he felt know .. “Sungjong is mine”
so he made sure that 2day people understand that sungjon…….
wait ….. on second thought don’t believe what i just said its all my imagination