[Ask meme]

Ta-daaa! It’s my turn to make a meme now. Send me one of these numbers, and i’m going to reply =v=

Lets chill  bit

1- What motivated you to start your blog?

2- Tell us a secret about your characters

3-  Tell us a secret about yourself

4- Show a screenshot of a drawing you have in progress

5- List 5 things you like

6- List 5 fears

7- List 5 qualities you search for in people

8- What do you do when you’re not online?

9- Favorite quote?

10- Any games you’re currently playing?

11- Show your face?

12- Give us a headcanon about one of your characters

13- What’s the song you’re constantly singing?

14- What’s the character from this fandom that you relate the most? Why?

15- What was your last dream?

16- Honest advice you’d give to a friend in a hard time

17- Create a tag urself meme description of yourself 

18- If you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward)

19- What was the most shameful moment of your life?

20- What do you wish you could change about yourself?

21- Give 3 songs to listen to in a long road trip

22- Draw one of your characters in other art style (you can choose character and style if you want)

23- I want to talk to you through private messages

24- Draw something from this fandom you’ve never draw before (you can choose who or what, if you want to

)25- If you could choose a weapon to fight with, which weapon would it be?

26- What’s your sign?

27- What’s your favorite holiday?

28- What’s your opinion on ____?  (default word is cheese)

29- Describe yourself in a gif

30- You have to create a game now. What is it about?

31- Give us a sneek peek on a project you’ve been keeping in secret

32- What’s your favorite band?

33- You can only say one word for the rest of your life. What’s the word?

34- What’s your favorite movie?

35- Something you like, that most part of the people don’t

36- Draw yourself with one of your characters

37- Press ctrol + v and show us the first thing that appears

38- Show us 3 blogs you admire a lot

39- You’re a teacher now, what’s the subject you’re going to teach?

40- What inspires you?

41- Biggest childhood fear?