쭈삼~.~ 주삼쭈삼~.~ 매일 생각을 해요 으캬컁 오늘 뭔가 주꾸미 먹었드니 대화하고싶네요 흐흐

Fan-account: Flattered Because of Sunggyu

[During a fansign]
Fan: Oppa! Can you grab my wrist charismatically?
So Sunggyu just grabbed the fan’s wrist while signing the album. Inside the fan’s heart she murmured ‘this is not what I mean thoㅠㅠㅠ’ then she thanked Sunggyu and prepared to leave when suddenly Sunggyu grabbed her wrist and pulled her back (t/n: just like the scene from Korean drama when male lead prevents the woman leaving)
Sunggyu: Like this?
That night, the fan couldnt sleep at all thinking about what happened to her.