basic gif tutorial by iheartnewt

I’ve been asked by lovely anon about how I make my gifs. Thank you so much ♥
If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to message me!

disclaimer: English is not my first language, so sorry in advance.

finished product ( look at that angel face )

what you will need:

  • KMPlayer 
  • Photoshop ( any version, but I’m using cs5 extended )
  • 720/1080p video
  • PSD ( for coloring ) you can find them at: itsphotoshop, yeahps, completeresources and sistaroundpsds but for today I’m going to use PSD from dailygladers
  • This is a very long tutorial because i’m suck at explaining so i’m going to put it under the cut.
  • Please like/reblog if you think it useful <3

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