Yo I'm going to explain something about Korean age that most of you guys don't understand

Okay so you know how in Korean age you are a “year” older than what you are in the rest of the world? You actually turn a year older on New Year’s Day.

Say you were born in March 30th, you would be born “1 years old” in Korean age due to the time in the womb is considered a year (I think, not sure about that part please tell me if I’m wrong) but when January 1st comes around you turn 2 automatically. You still celebrate your birthday on March 30th though because that was the day you were born but you don’t “turn” a year older on your birthday.

But say you were born on December the 31st, you are still automatically 1 but this time since the next day is January 1st you are only technically 1 for a day and you are 2 the next day.

This isn’t like in most of the world since we celebrate people getting a year older on their actual birthday, and in other parts of Asia it’s slightly different because in some places it takes part on the lunar new year and not January 1st.

So just remember when you’re writing an idol/anyone for that matter’s Korean age they aren’t “turning 20” they already are 20, just because their birthday hasn’t come up yet doesn’t cancel out the fact that they are already a year older by Korean standards.

I understand if most of you don’t know this since I only found out recently too but please try to refrain from doing this in the future because it can be confusing and slightly disrespectful to their culture (idk).

Her Protesting for Animal Rights and Getting Arrested on Live TV: BTS


Would go blank while watching the TV, his food falling out his mouth.


Would pretend that he doesn’t know you, while covering his face with a hand… However, inside of his head, he would still be proud of what you fought for.


Arrested together with you.

Rap Monster:

Would quickly rush over to the station to get you out.


A concerned mochi mode: ON. He’d rush to the station, much like NamJoon, and ask the officers to see you so that he could coo over you, praising you for the right thing that you did.


Arrested together with you pt.2.


Would laugh at you so bad that he’d fall to the flour in front of the TV, later picking himself up and that’s when the realization of you sitting in a prison cell began settling in.

Their toddler comes into their room in the middle of the night because they had a nightmare (BTS)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Rap Monster: -he would be sleeping when he felt his son came in and tugged his shirt waking up Namjoon- “what’s wrong buddy? Another bad dream?”

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Jin: -he would just be getting home when your daughter came in the room crying lightly and he understood what was wrong- “Y/D/N baby. Come on, I’ll go lay down with you”

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Suga: -he would instantly get up and rub his daughter’s back as she laid down between the two of you. He made sure that she fell asleep before he would even lay back down- *gif*

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J-Hope: -he would put on a smile for his son as he got up hoping he can make him feel batter as they walked back to his room- “how about a story to help you fall back asleep”

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Jimin: -the loud crying would wake you up as your daughter came into the room. He would look at you and get up- “I got her. Get back to sleep please”

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V: -he would get up when your son had entered the room and was telling Taehyung he had a nightmare before he started crying Taehyung would get him back to his room- “come on buddy lets get out of here so mama doesn’t wake up okay?”

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Jungkook: -he would be constantly hit by your daughter but he wouldn’t wake up until you hit him. Your daughter would instantly want his comfort after her nightmare- “what? Y/D/N are you okay?”

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