For @jonsa-week ’s

Day 1: Soulmates

I thought of her often; in my dreams she had sapphire eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as red as a summer’s sunset. She smiles when I draw near, but she never moves and she never speaks

And yet here you are, standing before me, your hands so warm and your touch burns my skin. Your eyes are blue as I know them and your hair, is kissed by fire.

But why, the sadness- your heart may keep its secrets as I keep mine; but as you stand next to me, let all the heavens now know that I would die a thousand deaths gladly, for us never to part

sometimes i try and spread out posting my gif hunts, and sometimes idgaf and post everything at once oops. hope you all don’t mind the random small gif hunts. just trying to put together resources for the last few fcs in my directory that dont have resources reblogged to my blog atm ye

so these are the last few fcs i will be doing gif hunts of this week/next week kinda thing. but let me know if you want me to do any specific fc first:

  • chansung (2pm
  • natasha reid
  • hwanhee (up10tion
  • highD (sonamoo
  • ma jaekyung (romeo
  • shannon/sungyeon (pristin
  • na jaemin (nct
  • qin fen (legend
  • chan hyeyeon (gugudan
  • jea (BEG
  • hyunjoo (april
  • eyoung (after school
  • chaekyoung (april
  • all cross gene members except takuya

once i’m done these then i’ll be open to gif hunt requests again ayy. hope you all are having a good week !!!