CS Dark One AU:

When Hook returns from Neverland he soon finds out that the Dark One id imprisoned in a cave near castle of Misthaven. What he didn’t know that the Dark One is not who he thinks he is. Princess Emma of Misthaven battled the Dark One and some say she won, but ended up consuming the darkness. There are two forces that battle within her - the Darkness and the Power of True Love. When Hook arrives Emma hides her now true appearance and takes a chance in her escape to find Merlin who as rumored can help her get rid of the Dark One’s power. What she didn’t foresee is an unmistakable pull and feelings to grow between her and the pirate Captain. 


>CS AU Week - Day 4<
(Thank you Zoe once more. Without you I’d be lost)

“Calm down Emma, it’s not a big deal. You fought Evil’s Snow Queen, survived the darkness, you won so many battles.” And here she was with her heart ready to explode and hands trembling, waiting for the Adoption Agent to say something. “It has been 10 minutes, why hasn’t he said anything yet?”.

As if sensing something was wrong, Killian looked at her from his seat. He was by her side, like always had been and always would be. He smiled at her and that moment she knew everything was going to be all right. If something goes wrong they could keep trying. No matter how many times it took.  He knew how much it meant to her, how she had spent the night without sleeping after they get the call saying they had to be at Foster Home at nine o’clock.

Now they are here, in the longest ten minutes of their lives. Waiting for something that would change them forever, and they couldn’t be happier about it. A decision made by heart, from a lost boy and a lost girl. Both have had to grow up alone. Without a home, without love. If today was her lucky day, and fate would smile at her, two lost children would have two (or four) arms to call home.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. After examining your papers and doing all the legal enquiries, I think now you are the proud parents of Alana and Bryan. I’m going to call them. Congratulations.”

Definitely today was her lucky day. And not even fate’s smile was wider than Emma’s.


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naminé appreciation week

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“I see myself the way you remember me. And you see yourself the way I remember you.”