All the number-crunching parts of the Camelot battle are finally, finally finished!!! At this point Guen has either won or lost the battle. All I have to do now is write the three different outcomes, along with some tying up of various loose ends, and then I can start bugtesting Camelot! yaaaaay!

Still so much left to do to finish Book II, but this is a major step since I have put MONTHS of my life into coding this stupid battle, and now I can get back to more character-focused stuff.

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Is there a way to make Shere Khan another one of Brick's faceclaims? Because I really love the comparison.

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[I’m feeling it. I mean it probably wouldn’t be used much since I think face claims are supposed to resemble the muse??? But the attitude’s definitely on point… I almost want to add it to his information. Maybe some kind of “original disney villain” claim….thing….I don’t know if anyone does that. Hm…I’ll think on it!]