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Genos is home! Saitama serve him tea and hug him because he's be gone for a while having repairs and upgrades and he probably missed you a lot, and you have been going through a lot having the apartment you shared so many good memories with Genos and making it a home, wrecked. Hug him, make him a favorite dinner, watch some silly movie you both can make fun of and then go to sleep next to eachother in your futons. Because you can finally start filling this new place with new happy memories.

F-finaly start filling this new place with happy memories…..!!!!!!

I really want them to make this new apartment their home again… (No doubt that started with Saitama hearing a muffled ‘Sensei!’ through the door instead of the sound of his new neighbors barging in like they had been ///

Saitama apologizing about what happened to the old apartment, but showing Genos all the new stuff he got for him to come back like new futons and lots of new notebooks (although Genos does have back ups at Kuseno’s lab but still appreciates it very much) and an apron for him…

That evening he gets out the hot pot because every time Genos is away for repairs, he misses having dinner with him ///// (Let’s Genos add all his favorites to it as a welcome home //)

Genos pulling up the news on his phone so they can change the TV to some silly movie like you said….

Genos wondering if Saitama’s going to spend a while looking at his new parts but whenever he looks up, he only finds Saitama smiling at him a little /////

Saitama noticing that the vague tension from moving into this new place is easily forgotten now that Genos is back….

Genos looking around this new apartment for the first time to get used to it, but then looking back at Saitama and feeling like he’s lived there the whole time ///

Welcome home, Genos………////