no but we can laugh about the post about how straight people will deny same-sex couples all we want but one time in film i was supposed to write about a character in Mona Lisa Smile and I chose Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Giselle, and in it I mentioned how i thought she could be bisexual and my teacher asked what made me think that

hmmmmmmm…… what could it have been…..

That moment when you have an episode of Raynaud's

//Seriously, when I saw this scene, I had to shout out “She has Raynaud’s!”, and my brother next to me looked at me quite confused.

Geneviève Malfoi did not feel safe that winter. The brutal Slytherin Lord from the lands of the Angles and he Saxons had wrangled hospitality from her husband and his slithering, slimy gaze seemed to covet all of value or beauty in the small lord’s house, including her. 

Knowing he had family across the sea made her plan to remove him hard – she could not risk a vendetta – but she still planned carefully, learning Parseltongue from her snake-speaking daughter Ophidia and gradually winning over the Slytherin Lord’s snakes and enticing them, day by day, to turn on their lord.

One day at dinner, Geneviève absent to tend her ailing son, one of the Lord’s snakes suddenly bit him when he leered at Ophidia. Lord Malfoi ran to see what could be done and Ophidia just sat quietly in her seat, watching the Slytherin Lord choke and suffocate with her strange grey eyes.

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Ophidia Malfoi took after her mother in appearance, pale and blonde and beautiful. She did not have the languidly violent nature of her father but rather her mother’s scheming habits and an ability, all her own, to speak to snakes.

When her father tried to convince her to wed one man after another she would spook them and scare them with her snakes until she met him.

Mordred Black was his name and snakes didn’t scare him. He was pale as she was with hair just as silvery and eyes as red as blood. 

She still refused to marry him, assuring her father she would wed when she willed, not when any other decided. But they became close friends and would often be seen, heads close, pale hair mingling with pale hair as she taught him to speak to snakes or he taught her some new hex. After two years of their friendship she gave him a little cobra, named Siduse, which she’d bought from a Moroccan wizard, and he gave her Gruoch Vex-McCullough’s Compleat Curses.

Later, many years later, they did wed, but it was years after her father’s death in a duel, years after her younger brother had married. And no one doubted it was on any terms but Ophidia’s own.

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