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(same anon about the charisk thing) thanks for replying so quikly i wasnt expecting that i dont actively follow this blog since im not interested in the skeletons so i doubt i would be seeing those doodles alot, tough i do appreciate you sharing the sfw ones too, youre a very nice person and i hope that while skely pics arent my thing you make alot of other ppl happy (or "happy") i wish you all the luck and happyness in the world!

I’m a sucker for sweet peeps! <3 So have Frisk! Blowing you a kiss! They’re such a flirt! I headcanon Frisk as genderfluid btw. XD

Thank you hon!

I ruined it. I should’ve never have posted about the Chipotle. I let it get real. My mom used mapquest. Who knows if she even had the address right. They got lost. They never found it. They got confused and just headed our way. They should be here in the next 20 ish minutes. 

I know my mom feels bad about it, so I have to be nice and say it’s totally 100% okay. But it’s not because I’m pregnant and the restaurant situation is one of things that makes me saddest about this assignment. So I’m gonna cry in the shower so I can not make my mom feel bad. She really did try, and I can’t really blame here because I definitely get the whole “nope things didn’t work out and now it’s difficult and/or annoying FUCK IT!” attitude from her. I’d do the same. 

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