randompotatoperson  asked:

Favourite villain? (And why if you'd like! Love ur blog btw)

This manipulative scum bag right here like wtf he’s just like: “ooooooh I got a great idea, we’ll send agent flowers aka agent florida out to protect the alpha AIi!” and then ‘Leonard no longer the worst dad because we meat furry coat mc bad dad in s14 who kicks him off his throne’ is like: “but how are we going to hide his identity? we can’t have people knowing about his code name or they’ll affiliate him back to project freelancer” and Aiden mc amazing ideas is like: “Well I god an idea!! Let’s blow up florida hahaha WOOO!”

like no just!!! kahrglkajh but anyways I’m getting off track. I love this guy bc he just wants to do one thing and that’s study ‘his’ freelancers. he knows what they’re doing is wrong. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he does it anyways. because he’s messed up, does what he needs to get what he wants and thats everything I love in villains like 100% Aiden price is gold also like blowing up florida was so excessive I’m so sad he died I would have loved to see more or him like that.

also: #2: SIgma #3 Felix #4 Loeanrd

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