In which Dave (private, for-profit bourgeois capital) bankrupts John (the trusting and hardworking proletariat) of his boonbucks (labor) to make contact with and influence Terezi (the liberal democratic state), who has actually been supporting his efforts the whole time based on mutual self-interest.

[ *Frisk rolls around the ballroom on their heelys trying to act cool and like they don’t still have a mild fear of large crowds because they are a big kid now and big kids don’t get panic attacks. ]

[ *They think it’s working. ]

[ *They also forget to look where they’re going for a moment. ]

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                                          To BEGUILE the TIME  LOOK like the time. Bear
                                             WELCOME in your eye, Your HAND, your TONGUE.
                                                            LOOK like th’ INNOCENT flower -

                                BUT BE THE SERPENT UNDER’T.

anonymous asked:

the sun set today was beautiful!!!!! thank you very very much!!!!!! you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!


aaaaaaaaaaa thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!! :- DDD

i love to make beautiful sunsets and rises !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes people smile and feel so happy which makes me feel so great in return !!!!!!!! :’’- ))) i hope you had a great day anon this message was so sweet !!!!!


We all  know the Alyanette tags on Tumblr and AO3 need some love, so let’s dedicate a month to beefing them up!

April 1-7: Oneshots. Post all your Alyanette oneshots! Fluffy, angsty, AUs - Whatever you’ve got.

April 8-14: Fanart. This week is all about the artists. Comics, animations, and drawings are all welcome!

April 15-21: Alyabug. This week is dedicated to the other side of this ship, Alya/Ladybug! All your fanfics and art about Paris’ favorite superhero and her favorite reporter will find a home here. 

April 22-28: Lucky number seven. Write a seven-part fic or comic and post a chapter a day! (Or just post any longer work you’ve got going on.)

April 29 & 30: Alyanette Finale Extravaganza! Finish the month out with a bang by posting any art, fanfic, playlists, or other Alyanette goodness that you haven’t put up yet!

Tag your stuff with #Alyanette April so we can all see it! I’ll be reblogging works throughout the month.

Let’s give this ship the love it deserves <3