What three characters describe your muse?

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Kanda Yuu (from D.Gray-Man):  Obviously the first one that comes to my mind, not only because the similar hairstyle, but also the hella grumpy attitude. Yun’s as bad mouthed as Kanda often, especially with people he deems annoying or his enemies. They’re also both fierce fighters who often don’t look for their own safety, recklessly taking wounds, when fighting. Just like Kanda, Yun’s attitude hails from experience and a cruel past, containing torture and pain, not saying to much here - and ultimately both can deny their caring core al they want, it’s hidden there somewhere.

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Mercury Black (from RWBY): Contrary to the above, these two have their mischief in common, Yun’s definitely not always dark mooded and, just like Mercury, seems to be nonchalant and care-free at times, especially making an effort to tease and sass those around him, but still being able to snap back into a serious mode when things are on the line. Even down to the point of being able to kill in cold blood and afterwards talk lightheartedly about it, showing no remorse.They both are acrobatic, athletic, restless and seekers of excitement and what they deem thrilling, also maybe Yun is a tad as weird as Mercury as well - though not as extreme.  Once again, they both have suffered through a lot of pain, leaving their bodies scarred and losing part of it.

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John Constantine (Constantine):  Now, this one might seem a bit odd because neither does Yun have any talent (or will)  to use any magic whatsoever, HOWEVER you can certainly draw parallells on the amount of supernatural, hellish, insane ghosty-shit either of them has to deal with, often unplanned and unwillingly. Of course things rarely go as planned and a certain badass attitude they have in common as well. (though Yun is still a lot more scared and shocked by magic and creatures at first - often turning  fed up with everything only later. But Constantine is also a rather interesting ‘what if’ thought for Yun’s life)

I wanted to do the 6 films I don’t get tired of watching so blaming @ninjaofthepurplethings for tagging me ;)

In no order as I just love these all for different reasons.

1. Footloose What can I say, it just makes me happy.

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2.Beauty and the beast My favourite Disney movie to this day. As a kid I always saw myself as Belle.

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3. Back to the future- trilogy I am counting it as one, so sue me :P

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4 . Monty Python and the Holy Grail What can I say that hasn’t just millions of times? Just amazing.

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5. Dracula- Dead and loving it I quoted this with my friend all the time back in high school. Still makes me laugh. 

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6. The Nightmare Before Christmas I was obsessed ever since I first saw this movie. Yearly halloweend and christmas tradition.

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swtor ask meme #14 for Ard, Nal, and Yahno

Who is/are their favorite companion(s)?

Nal, Ard: AKK DOG

Yahno: His birdy. It’s close enough to Yahno to know who he likes or doesn’t like. It sometimes attacks on and off command, though. Just ask Zah.

(outside of pets is hard choices. But Yahno was partial to Blizz and Skadge, Ard actually was fine with Rokuss and Raina, and Nal would be fond of Hemdil Tre and K’khrol)