I started rewatching Steven Universe from the beginning, just to see what I might notice in light of all we’ve learned in more recent episodes.

And there’s this scene at the beginning of Serious Steven where Steven gets attacked by butterflies.

And after Steven flails for a while, he falls over.

Gentle background music starts to play. Garnet brushes away the butterflies.

“They’re just butterflies, Steven.”

I dunno, this scene seems a lot more poignant in light of Mindful Education.

Playing on the edge...

I’m going to start a new battle with my game..

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I’m going to run it with the Windows Border-less Gaming tool after a tip by @alverdinesims 

Let’s see if I can get the game on it’s knees and run smoother. I also would like to try different recording software as Fraps takes a huge amount of space but I also want to record my babbling apart from gamesounds so that i can delete complete nonsense.

The only advantage the game has on me is that I am an obsessive edge scroller..

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Hm..well bring it on then..

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I’m back! (Pt 1)

Hi everybody! I’m happy to say that I’m back from my hiatus and I feel better than ever! I’m just so happy to be back with you guys again :)

I have some news to share regarding my stories and how they’re going to play out from here on out, but that’ll be in “Part 2″, which is coming out in a little bit.

I was gonna catch up on stories a few days ago, and I got to one or two but my computer kept freezing up so I couldn’t finish reading all of them. However, I’m gonna try and catch up on the rest of them today (or in the next couple of days. I missed a lot while I was gone!)

I’m just so glad to be back!

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I was tagged by @general-yolo to do a mood board.

I’ve been pretty hyperfocused on Umbara and clones recently because of fic. Dogma and Hardcase are two that I really enjoy writing dialogue for (especially Hardcase).

I also really like Dogma because of Krell pain, and if that isn’t the most PAINFUL FUCKING GIF REGARDING THAT then I don’t know what is.

Anyways I’ll tag…uh… I dunno, whoever wants to do it, feel free.

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omg a Tom Hiddleston gif ahaeilvgbfraiqvfiqgbeireygdi I'm slayed.

I love him!!! He’s such a great person! I hope he and Taylor are very happy!

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