it’s one am and i have a busy day tomorrow 

thought i’d try my hand at a gif instead of sleeping though
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Just take a moment to appreciate his face. Lookit that face. *boops lines between eyebrows*

(If you can guess which scene in this chapter this is supposed to be, you get cake.)

A bit of science for @acquiresimoleons, who said you can’t brush a horse without horse + sim being friends.  Idk.  I usually don’t own horses.  I just wanted to see for myself and see if there was a Retuner fix because I’m constantly curious.  For the record since I don’t play horses I don’t have any horse-related tuning mods in place.


That’s definitely not at “friends” or anything like “friends”.


So at that point I actually reset everything I’ve done in Retuner in this game (even though I was 99.9999999% sure I hadn’t touched anything in Retuner yet with regards to brushing a horse), removed Andrei’s Animal Lover trait just in case, set them to just under negative in their relationship and…

Idk.  Your game is fucked.  xD  Perhaps your horse has a trait that makes them offended to brushing by a stranger.  This randomly pulled horse had Agile, Brave, and Quiet.

sleepy-9000  asked:

I just want to say that I checked the grimsley tag to see if there was any analysis for him now that sunmoon has been out for a while and the first thing that popped up was your post with strip poker and i just want to congratulate you on getting that ship from "never considered" status to "iron grip on my soul" with a mere two images

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Well, gosh golly, that’s one of the best things anyone could say to me. UvU Thank you!

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I’m hurgling a little so want to distract myself a lil.

If you like this kinda thing, reblog with your character’s full name, each stat with the number level (0-10), and their ref and symbol, and I’ll try to make a few of these for people.

I can’t guarentee that I can make a ton, but I enjoy doing them and it’s relaxing to me so might as well attempt, yeah?


Name: Shalez Alabas
Health: 6
Strength: 3
Agility: 7
Defense: 2
Dexterity: 8
Willpower: 2
Fortitude: 3

Anything too complicated may look funny in smol pixelated style but I’ll try.