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So you ship Anidala but rag on CS for being "abusive"?

That said:

Here’s a major difference between Anidala and Captain Swan:

Revenge Of The Sith, unlike OUAT (Including last night’s episode), portray Anakin/Darth Vader’s behavior towards Padme (I.E. on Mustafar) as BAD, EVIL and there are CONSEQUENCES to it.

OUAT just erased Hook murdering Merlin & Emma covering it up. They erased Hook bringing back all the DOs to murder Emma and her family. They erased him using every vulnerability she ever revealed to verbally abuse her. THEY HAD CS SMOOCH OVER THE GRAVE OF A GOOD MAN WHO DIED BECAUSE OF THEIR “LOVE”. 

In this episode the cycle of Emma lying to him continues. Because that’s how “true love” works, right?

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