All the number-crunching parts of the Camelot battle are finally, finally finished!!! At this point Guen has either won or lost the battle. All I have to do now is write the three different outcomes, along with some tying up of various loose ends, and then I can start bugtesting Camelot! yaaaaay!

Still so much left to do to finish Book II, but this is a major step since I have put MONTHS of my life into coding this stupid battle, and now I can get back to more character-focused stuff.

Sneak peak is sneaky. 13k+ and getting closer to the end.

“Master wait please-!” Obi-Wan tried to protest whatever the hell was about to happen but his words were cut off as the man who was once his Master horrifyingly bent his head down fully to his expose neck and bit down hard onto the soft skin.

Obi-Wan cried out in pain and fear. The Force Suggestions that kept his body limp was now weak enough for him to violently struggle against Qui-Gon’s larger and stronger body. His former Master was not just biting him, Obi-Wan realised dimly, Qui-Gon was sucking at the wound in a way that reminded Obi-Wan way too much of when he had fooled around with his friends and fellow Padawan’s.

But unlike those times, Obi-Wan was not enjoying himself nor was he feeling even the slightest bit aroused. He was terrified and trapped by the massive arms that wrapped themselves around his body like vines around a tree. Qui-Gon’s teeth were deep within the skin of his neck and it was so very painful to breath around.

He wanted this to stop. He wanted the pain to go away and for Qui-Gon to stop acting so crazy. Someone please make it stop!

Obi-Wan managed a sob as he shook in Qui-Gon’s arms. After five minutes of violent struggles, Obi-Wan realised that all he had down was opened the wound more and worn himself out. Qui-Gon was not going to stop, he realised. There was nothing he could do.

Obi-Wan squeezed eyes shut and tried to block it all out and to force his mind to shut down. If he was to die here, then fine; he will die. But Obi-Wan did not want his last memory of this life to be of his former Master and friend killing him by tearing out his throat with those unnaturally sharpened teeth.

Using a technique all Padawans and Knights are taught, Obi-Wan Kenobi attempted to allow himself to sink deeper into his own mind and away from the horror or what was happening to him. He tried to sink into the memories of what happened earlier during the day and kept his mind self away from the green house.

Everything was alright. Everything is fine. There is no pain. There is no fear. There is nothing wrong. He kept repeating those words over and over again as the obscene slurping reached his ears.

Qui-Gon was not hurting him. Was not tearing his throat apart like a rabid dog. He wasn’t. He wasn’t.

Obi-Wan sobbed unconsciously as his mind attempted and failed to protect itself. The longer Qui-Gon’s mouth was sealed over his throat, the harder it was becoming for Obi-Wan to push away Qui-Gon’s overwhelming Force Signature. It was as if the older man was smothering him with his body and overbearing Force Presence.  

It felt like a poisonous oil, Qui-Gon’s Presence. Smothering, slick and sticking to all it touched and leaving a horrid taint in its wake.

Was this what the Darkside felt like? Was this the Darkness they were taught to fear and fight against?

If so, why is this Presence coming from Qui-Gon?!

What caused him to feel like this? What happened to the soothing warmth?!

(Still needs to be edited a little more. But that is what I have on that part so far.)


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Pop’s Writing Journal Day 21

Originally posted by maxisawerewolf

Progress of the Day: Okay so I don’t *actually* have a word count today.Just know that I wrote (and that I’m about to go e-word a section for Chapter 2 now, because DAMMIT I am on a roll with keeping up with those). 

The writing consisted of more stuff for Silver or Lead. Some really damn good stuff, if I do say so myself, along with tweaking an Anakin scene for Pulsion. (Now with 50% more feels, although I am worried I’m making it a bit…what’s the word… engorged. *SIGHS* This is what the Best Beta Bitches are for. They can tell me when I’m overfeeding my fic).

Silver or Lead won’t be posting tomorrow, but with some luck and elbow-grease, something *will* be posting this weekend *wink wink wink*. 

Final Word Count of the Day: Man I have no fucking CLUE. I GOT TOO INTO THE GROOVE, MAN. I DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION. Just know that things were written, and things are about to be e-worded as soon as i finish this post because wow it’s already almost 11:40. Where does the day go?