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Everyone at least once finds it hard to go in game but try geting inspo and ideas like showing mini marshmallow nursery! or dress Cardi really adorable (she's always adorable and everything she wears is adorable!) but don't try and force yourself to go in game just let the inspo come to you! and it never matters how long you take to do something it's your game and your blog take all the possible time you need and dont stress yourself *sends gentle hugs and chocolate chip cookies*

You always know what to say <3 <3 <3 thank you Sky, I truly appreciate you writing this and for reminding me that I am allowed to take my time to get inspo and go ingame. 

You’re awesome

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no but we can laugh about the post about how straight people will deny same-sex couples all we want but one time in film i was supposed to write about a character in Mona Lisa Smile and I chose Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Giselle, and in it I mentioned how i thought she could be bisexual and my teacher asked what made me think that

hmmmmmmm…… what could it have been…..

That moment when you have an episode of Raynaud's

//Seriously, when I saw this scene, I had to shout out “She has Raynaud’s!”, and my brother next to me looked at me quite confused.