Sailor Moon Animation Directors Showcase: Kazuko Tadano

Kazuko Tadano is arguably the most influential artist for the 90s series’ art style, as she was the original character designer for the first & R Seasons. Since the series was made back when animation still required pencil sketches & inked cels, her main job was to take Naoko Takeuchi’s designs and streamline/simplify them. Amongst other things, she simplified Sailor Moon’s jewelry, and shortened those skirts even more. She left the series after directing the animation for episode 88, and went on to do the character designs for Wedding Peach.

  • Strengths: Because she was animating in her own style, her early episodes are the only ones that look good (most of the other animation directors didn’t come into their own style until halfway through the first season). I consider her to be the best Usagi animator, and the go-to person for the ~*Miracle Romance*~ episodes. She is also really good at synchronizing animation to musical cues, such as the “La Soldier” scene in episode 88 that is gif’d here. Also, as shown in the gif from episode 21, her character designs show that every Senshi had different shaped eyes (a subtle but important feature!).
  • Weaknesses: I’m rather sad she left the series so early on. She also copied her own animation on at least one occasion - the animation of the Inners using their “Star Power” command in the final battle of episode 88 is recycled from a similar scene in the R Movie. She also had a bad habit of forgetting to draw Sailor Moon’s odango shields & Sailor Mercury’s tiara.
  • Notable Firsts: Basically everything in episode 1, the calculator-shaped Communicators, Minako, the Silver Crystal (also the Silver Crystal in its lotus form), Princess Serenity, Super Beryl, Sabão Spray Freezing, “Puu” (through Luna-P), Unazuki Furuhata, Mamoru’s nightmares, Princess Small Lady Serenity
  • Other Notable Work: The character designs for the Doom Tree Arc, being an anime-exclusive storyline, were exclusively created by her. She also did the character designs and was the primary animation director for the Sailor Moon R Movie (the glorious “Moon Revenge” sequence is alllll her work). Most of the promotional art for the first two seasons was Tadano’s work as well, including the laserdisc covers. All of the stock footage from Sailor Moon R (transformations, attacks, etc), such as the gif from “Moon Crystal Power, Make Up” that is used here. She also directed all but one of the first two seasons’ opening and ending sequences.
  • Misc: She is married to fellow animation director Hiromi Matsushita. They both directed episodes 1 & 21 together (though Matsushita got the animation director credit for #1). The two animators featured in episode 21, Hiromi and Kazuko, are SHOCKINGLY based off of Matsushita and Tadano. (The series director Junichi Sato is also caricatured in this episode) She also directed both of the season finales for the two seasons she was working on the series.
  • These Scenes Are From: Episodes 1, 6, 21, 34, 46, 51, 69, 88

Much thanks to @sailormoonpedia and WikiMoon for some of this info!

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