Please someone gif Eliza petting Marie’s back, Marie’s joke to Eliza and Richard about feminist! :) 

Glæ·ður /gläi̯-dur̥/ dark magic. Variant of Glóa (Glower) that can be used offensively or defensively. Summons multiple hieroglyphic eyes that indiscriminately fire glaring beams of light. Coming into contact with a hieroglyph causes it to shatter, damaging anyone in the immediate vicinity.

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so do we literally submit them? like to your blog? or do we post them and @ you? or tag them? this is my first time participating in one of these, im sorry haha

Thank you for asking this! This gets into important information, so I will put it here! There will be a special section on the blog that will also have all this stuff! 

Please post your content onto your own blogs!

To participate in Ignoct week for Fic Writers, please make sure to add the following to your fics:

(Tag for NSFW if necessary)

Tags: Ignoctweek, Ignoct Week (both tags will be checked)

Sneak Peaks are fine, but if you are putting the entire fic on Tumblr, please remember to put your fic under a “read more” otherwise it cannot be reblogged.

To participate for artists, gif makers, etc, please make sure to add the following to your art/gifs/etc:

Tag for NSFW if necessary

Tags: Ignoctweek, Ignoct Week (both tags will be checked)

If you are participating in “Timed Quests” please do as above, and make sure to REPLY to the daily announcement of the prompt with the link to your entry. If you do not submit it on the daily announcement, then your entry will not be recognized!

(The reason why you need to write @ignoctweek is that some of your blogs are not available in the search feature, or sometimes posts are flagged as NSFW and thus cannot show up. Having an @ to us is the only surefire way we can make sure that we can actually see all the entries for ignoct week. rare pairs week ran into this pitfall, and this seemed to be a good work-around!)

Any other questions?

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Could u do a tutorial on how u make your gifs please?

Okay, here goes. This is only one of many methods. I use Windows. Here are some useful tips before we get started:

  • Whatever clip you’re going to use from any episode, I’d recommend it to be at least 480p. 720p and 1080p are best suited for a best looking GIFs. When I torrent episodes I ensure that they’re decent quality before downloading.
  • Tumblr GIF sizes have a maximum of 3MB. In order for them to actually play, make sure your GIF size is under 3MB (2.99MB is fine, just as long as it’s not 3MB or more!)
  • Make sure when you go to export, you have ‘forever’ selected, instead of ‘once’. If you have once selected, this means that’s all your GIF will play for - once.

With that said, let’s get into the tutorial. If you would like me to reiterate any points, just let me know.

¬ So, first and foremost, I’m going to open Photoshop. I use CC 2017. Then I’m going to open Windows Movie Maker. This is so I can trim down parts of the episode to a clip I want to import. 4.43 seconds would be appropriate for the GIF size I am making.

¬ Once the clip has saved, I am then going to go to Window and select Animation. The timeline should open along the bottom panel, which we will need. Then I’m going to go to File, Import, then select Video Frames To Layers… and import my clips and it will convert into frames and layers. It will be displayed like so:

¬ Using the shift key, I’m going to select the first two frames and delete them (sorry Alex!), then repeat the same to any frames that include her at the end. Now all of my frames only include Nicky. Now, clicking the crop tool, or tapping C on my keypad will bring up the dimensions. To get rid of the black lines around the edge of the clip, I’m going to select 1366x768px and crop out what I don’t want.

¬ Once cropped, I’m going to move onto the size of the GIF. Go to Image, then Image Size. Make sure you you have the middle icon selected. Put in the width size you’d like. I’d recommend 268px, since this is tumblr’s default width size. You can see more about default sizes here.

¬ Now we’ve done that, we can move onto the adjustments. Here I’ve increased the brightness and contrast. You can use multiple effects such as saturation, curves, and exposure - as well as many more. Make sure that your adjustment layers at at the top of your layers, otherwise they will not be present for all the frames of your GIF.

¬ Here is what my GIF looks like with the adjustments I selected:

¬ Using the black and white adjustment or gradients, I can also turn it black and white.

¬ Now let’s talk PSDs. PSD stands for ‘Photoshop Document’, they consist of adjustments/colouring techniques and filters. Usually they’re a saved file, like an uncompleted one for you to work on from where you left off if it ain’t no 15 minute job. Although, many people kindly share them here and online to basically, well, make your GIFs/edits look pretty. I don’t save mine, but I get them from here. That said, I’m going to explain how to put one onto your GIF. In short - It’s simple. Open the file where you have your PSD saved and drag it to the top bar next to ‘Untitled-1′:

¬ Now drag the PSD file into the work space, and drag the file onto your GIF like so. Now the file will appear at the top of my layers - if it doesn’t drag it to the top.

¬ Here’s what my GIF looks like with the PSD:

¬ Nice, right? What about text? Let’s move onto that! Pressing T on the keypad, or clicking on the Text tool will bring up the options. I use Ariel Bold Italic. 14pt is too large, so I’m going to reduce it to 9pt.

¬ After typing her dialogue, here’s what it looks like. Again, in order for your text to appear on all frames, make sure it’s at the top of your layers. Using the Move tool, or pressing V on your keypad, move the text on you GIF to position it. Photoshop will present lines to determine where the center position is, like so:

¬ But, I want to make the text stand out more in order for it to be easier to read. Right clicking on the text layer, select Blending Options:

¬ This will open a panel. I want to select a stroke and drop shadow to my text. Here are my settings:

¬ Now we’re going to export. Go to File, Export and Save For Web. It will bring up this panel:

¬ Make sure it’s under 3MB and the looping option selected to ‘Forever’ and finito! Here’s what it looks like:

★ Below the cut are #55 gifs of the actor Kiowa Gordon as Junior in s02e05 (22) and s02e06 (33) of The Red Road (as requested by @pettywrites). Kiowa is of Hualapai and Scottish descent, please cast him accordingly. All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog.

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here is a gif hunt of 45 gifs of dylan playfair! these gifs are from a little tiny movie know as descendants 2 where he plays gil!! none of these gifs are mine, credit to all the gif makers. please like if you save any and reblog if you’re a rph blog! (most are from the movie but there are a few behind the scenes gifs too!)

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Hiiiii!! Can you please please please gif Matt dancing at the end during jimmy fallon???? It was the cutest thing ever!!! And can I just say all your art is so beautiful!!! You're so talented! ❤️❤️❤️

Well, he is the cutest man ever ♥

I hope these work for you, anon :D Thank you for the kinds words ♥ *muah*


here is a gif hunt of 233 gifs of china anne mcclain! these gifs are from a little tiny movie know as descendants 2 where she plays uma!! none of these gifs are mine, credit to all the gif makers. please like if you save any and reblog if you’re a rph blog! (most are from the movie but there are a few behind the scenes gifs too!)

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