What happens after happily ever after? By the end of the Mara Dyer Trilogy, Noah Shaw and Mara Dyer discovered their world-changing abilities along with their love for each other. In the first book of The Shaw Confessions, Noah’s father is murdered, and Noah inherits unimaginable riches, terrible knowledge, and the chance to find other people like himself. But as Noah and Mara begin their global search, they’ll discover that they have very different goals: Noah wants peace. Mara wants power. When the girl of your dreams turns the world into a nightmare, what do you choose? The girl or the world?


get to know me: which nct songs make me weak (x)

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I hear you like kai....what is your favourite gif of him? Mine is when they were performing Call me Baby and him, Sehun and kyungsoo did that hot ass pelvic thrust thing like oppa material

Something tells me we aren’t talking about the same Kai 🤔


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.