Sandy Noto
Chicago, IL
Canon EOS 5D Mark III

How did you first start Cinemagraphs? What inspired you to start and create that sort of moving image?

When I first saw some of the early cinemagraphs made by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, I was instantly obsessed. It’s just a magical medium. Initially, I was making GIFs from my favorite video clips. I got my first camera right before a trip to Montreal and that spurred on my interest in using cinemagraphs to capture travel.

Since then, I’ve realized how powerful cinemgraphs can be in capturing more than a photograph does. This month will mark the 10 year anniversary of my Dad passing away. Right before he passed away, we went on a road trip and I’ve been thinking a lot about how I wish I had more than photos from that trip. Over time so many of the details from that road trip have faded into generalizations. The summer heat in Minnesota, the unchanging landscape of North Dakota, the open sky in Montana.  These days I’m diligent about capturing the moments I want to remember. 

Tell us about your Partner-in-Crime. What is Eli’s role in the work you do?

Eli is my travel partner, sounding board and second opinion. We’ve been pursuing photography as a hobby for many years and have slowly combined our efforts as we do more professional work. Partnership can be difficult, especially when we want to head in different directions but I think the compromise and collaboration strengthens our work. 

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Twitter: Sandyenoto
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This space you created here is amazing. I mean, Harry either turns your crank or not, he happens to turn mine big time but I bow to you for making this corner of the world so drama free and entertaining and still making room for some good hearted innuendos, sarcasm and humor. Here is to the best 'Harry porn' out there! ('porn' meaning 'indulgence', just thought I'd add that so you don't take it the wrong way).


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That header of yours... How did you manage to make that... 😂

Patience! Lots of patience! 😂 I tried to get it as close as I could to make it loop perfectly but I tried my best. I hope it looks alright. 

EDIT: If you want to know where I got it from, I giffed it from this video

Gaaino - The Other Boleyn Girl <EXCERPT>

Well this gif is from a video i have just started working on, I know that The Other Boleyn Girl is rather an old concept to an old movie trailer, but I wanted to work more on story telling and thought this would be a good start

The full video will be posted on my main blog as it not just a Gaaino video

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Think we could get some gifs from the new Heroin video trailer?

thanks for the heads up on this yesterday! hadn’t seen it yet; couldn’t fit em in then but there’s a bunch more in the queue for later today. they make punk still feel legit


Just after dawn on a Sunday morning in January of last year, Jenner went in for a procedure to reduce his adam’s apple. The last shred of what he kept private for so long was about to be consumed by the public. “I go in there and of course when I leave the place, the paparazzi see it. I knew the media’s gonna like destroy me.“ - Caitlyn Jenner