i lowkey wanna just make a fuckton of gifs from previous dp videos like they’ve probs been giffed before but i’m BORED and IN NEED OF ATTENTION

Pop goes the Weasel

This may seem a bit silly, but scrolling through my dashboard around Halloween 👻 is a pain in the rear. It’s like winding up one of those jack-in-the-box toys. You try to prepare yourself from getting startled when that bugger pops out, but it never helps because you’re gonna get startled anyway.

The gory spooky gifs and video clips from horror movies can just suck it!

I can’t handle it 😱😱😱


Josh: I think it’s important to kind of dress or you know wear what you want or colour your hair the way that you want. It’s just cool to express yourself. 

Hayley: I know you wear make up onstage which looks rad. A lot of kids are looking up to you guys too, so it’s nice that you’re doing something different.