This is Yoshimoto Kouki, our new Bokuto Koutarou!  He’s the one on the far left who then starts dancing.

He was Onion Troop soldier No. 17 in Patalliro Stage, which was his debut stage, where he appeared next to Kanai Sonde.  The gif from this video is in this post: (x

Video clip courtesy of @vvlin91

if you click here, you’ll be redirected to a page with #19 gif icons of my baby dua lipa in her music video for lost in your light. these were all made by yours truly completely from scratch. i might update this page with more gifs from her music videos someday. if you found these somewhat helpful, please give this a like/reblog. do not repost these in your own gif hunts, thank you. enjoy !


I didn’t expect this to happen even at the gala lmao!!!

But I’m just so glad to witness such a pure friendship. Pooh is definitely his senyuu, his companion in battles. It is moments like this that warm my heart (also take me by surprise and make me go lol by how much of a child this 22-year-old man is inside).

Olan Rogers:

I’ve posted about this amazing man once or twice but I wanted to make an official textpost as a shoutout to him. He’s a comedian with videos on YouTube of stories and sketches. His stories are what hooked me, though. They’re hilarious and fun and amazing! His videos are like Pringles. Once one pops, one just can’t stop. When you watch one, you binge! “Just one more” is a lie. And he’s not too difficult to look at, if you know what I mean.

His most popular video is called Ghost In The Stalls. This gif is from the video…

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I suggest these stories: 

Ghost In The Stalls, Echoes Through The Wall, Christmas Time Boy (live story), The Comeback Kid, The Package Delivery, The Bad Apple, A Thief In The Night, The Popcorn King, The Snack Thief, It’s In The Genes, Eyes For You, The Fear Awakened, The Batman Birthday, An Odd Day To Die, Death Is A Quiet Wave, Midnight Claw, Chuck E. Cheese, Stand By Me, and last but certainly not least, The Crumb That Fell.

His Channel Link: [x]