Try Me On Lyrics by Karmin for the Signs....

*i couldn’t find gifs from the actual video for this song. But this song is a good background music choice for a scene of best friends feeling free underneath the summer sun. You should listen to the song, and see if you get the same vibe*

Aries~ I don’t wanna hear you say a thing at all unless you’re sayin’ baby do you want some more

Taurus~ I’m the sickest, malicious. I tear you up in pieces make you wishes, you didn’t

Gemini~ That I let you taste my sugar coated waste. You gonna be sayin’ hey, I want some cavities

Cancer~ Fall so deep in love the very second

Leo~ I be comin’ at you like a ragin’ bull. You better be gunnin’ like a cannon full

Virgo~ Stop the conversating. Don’t you keep me waiting

Libra~ If you want to try me on, you better be careful baby
If you get too carried on, you could fall in love 

Scorpio~ I admit it, you did it. You got me feelin’ something kind of vicious, delicious

Sagittarius~ If you wanna try me on, don’t think we’re together. I change like the weather

Capricorn~ If you wanna try me on. I wouldn’t admit it even if we fitted

Aquarius~ Hold up girl I like the way you talk. We can do it like you want

Pisces~ Honey write that down, now take a picture. You see me now, independent bitch, yeah