Happy 18th Birthday, Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao! (March 3rd, 1997)

Piscean Women » They have deep emotions and strong undertows in their personalities, they often hide a passionate, sensitive nature. Pisces woman is a true dreamer. Spiritual, curious, and gentle. She puts a great deal of emphasis on the unseen in her life, whether it be her own intuition, her emotions, or the world of spirituality and religion. This is a woman who is always looking for - and finding - deeper meaning, from the grand scheme of life itself to her own social interactions. She absorbs the events around her, making connections that other people would never even see. She observes patterns in the feelings and actions of other people, and can be quite insightful as to what motivates them. Pisceans are often artists, expressing their inner passions through paint, dance or song. Easygoing and of friendly disposition.


I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair 
I loved a maid as red as autumn, with sunset in her hair 
I loved a maid as white as winter, with moonglow in her hair 
I loved a maid as spry as springtime, with blossoms in her hair