Despite such a black hole being several thousand times smaller than any of the planets, its mass would be several thousand times greater. Thus, any planets unfortunate enough to be caught in its path would be devoured.

By the time the black hole reached the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, things would look bleak for us. The intense gravitational pull of the black hole would have torn our planet asunder, causing devastating earthquakes and supervolcanoes the likes of which humanity has never witnessed before. Upon reaching Earth’s orbit our planet is all but doomed, reduced to a smoldering uninhabitable magma-laden rock, with Mercury and Venus soon following suit.

The final battle, between the black hole and the Sun, wouldn’t be quite so one-sided. A gravitational tug of war would ensue and, depending on the initial mass of the black hole, there’s a chance the Sun could survive in some shape or form. Unfortunately, the most likely scenario is that, like the planets, the Sun is ripped apart and joins the planets in the swirling mass of super-heated dust and gas roaring around the black hole.

anonymous asked:

I understand that you won't engage with those who dislike the ships that you portray, but it's really disappointing to see you outright laugh at the fact that you're on a "potentially triggering" list, esp if you are encouraging people to blacklist content that makes them uncomfortable. whether or not you ship shklance, it is simply a fact that it can be triggering for some people, and there is nothing wrong with being proactive and letting others know that content on your blog may be triggering

At the time of responding to that ask I had posted a grand total of three very SFW pieces of Voltron fanart. Other people are on this list because they have expressed interest in the shklance pairing but have posted no content for it whatsoever. I guess my initial response was to find it a little absurd to be included. 

I would just like to reassure you that I was in no way laughing at the idea that people would want to be proactive about avoiding their own triggers. 

For the curious, my entry on this list reads: “pussycat-scribbles: shiro/paladin (also has an nsfw blog w porn of underage characters)”. Which is…something.

The last thing I want to do is accidentally trigger anyone, and god forbid I ever do, but in order to make fandom spaces safer you encourage people to tag their content appropriately and remind everyone to take care of themselves and their own online experience. You don’t create a handy centralised directory of people who might create triggering content - what kind of crazy policing is that? Not only does it discourage people from participating in fandom, it provides a handy-dandy list of names for active anti-shippers to harass. 

With all the will in the world and no matter how well-intentioned, creating a list like this and just saying “don’t bother these people, but they might post stuff that you don’t like” is not the most responsible way of handling the issue of triggers, especially in a fandom as apparently volatile as Voltron.

I hope that clears up this matter. As I always say when I get anon messages like this, please consider contacting me off anon so we can have a private discussion if you’ve got any issue with me.