why do i love to make myself cry? 🙃

also known as i know everyone is super mad at mitarai rn but i drew this before today’s episode so i didn’t fucking know and i spent too long on it for it to just not get posted
also i still have hope that naegi and co will be able to convince him what he’s doing is fucked up and wrong without killing him and a reunion with imposter-kun could happen :0 (lololol it wooon’t *sobs*)

So @butterapplego has been talking and posting some pictures of a new skele of mine, so I should introduce him. Meet Octavior! He is a mix of an octopus and a skeleton, kind of, more-or-less, like a mermaid type thing? But on land this is how he looks. And in the ocean (where he lives) he looks like this…

So Oct or Octi (pronounces Awt or Aw-dee) is, in a sense, a magic source. The magic from his soul is constant and ever flowing, this is why he can keep his tentacles out at all times. He will never run out of magic and being near him will recharge someones magic. So his tentacles are an extension of his soul (and because of this they are incredibly sensitive).

Oct strongly dislikes people touching his tentacles and his back, he can touch people with them, which he does a lot, but it’s different when people touch him back (touching his tentacles gets him rather aroused and his back is really quite ticklish, so he just straight up doesn’t want people to touch him). Well, except for Spell…

He loves Spell

And Spell loves him~

Oct also adores cola and would drink it constantly if he could. Just saying. Spell has some competition….

But back to Oct, okay so you may have noticed the crack on his mouth and the broken rib (in the shirtless picture). Oct was in a fight in his teen years and lost pretty bad, so those are old scars, nothing terrible tho. Oct is also known to switch emotions on a dime, one minute he will be smiling and laughing and the next completely straight face and neutral. It tends to be alarming, but that’s just how he is. It took quite a lot before he would smile at all when i first introduced him. But yeah… he is as confusing as he is cool, even rping him gets me confused because i am not sure what to make of his quick emotion shifts xD

Ah…I think that’s all the info i have o___o but yeah here… enjoy a baby Oct..

:’D I might be opening asks for him, if ya guys wanna ask him anything, we’ll see~