By Order of the Crown: Ch 1/3

Jousting! Sword fights! Falling in love? Keith’s birthday celebration at the local Medieval Times has much more than just the standard equestrian showmanship.

Matt stood leaning against the wall, one knee bent as he checked things off of the clipboard he had balanced against the giant ruffle of his jester costume. “Hey, can I see the birthday list?” Shiro asked quietly, sidling up beside him.

Matt raised a suspicious eyebrow at the way Shiro’s cheeks bloomed with crimson blush. “Why?”

Clearing his throat and shrugging, Shiro attempted to twist his arms and legs into some approximation of a casual stance. “There was just this guy, I wanted to know his name is all.” He scrubbed at an imaginary scuff in his shiny armor with the back of his leather glove.

“Do we need to have a talk about stranger danger? I’m pretty sure Tyler is 8,” Matt teased, flipping to the page containing the evening’s “nobility.”

Shiro groaned, grabbing the clipboard out of his hands and searching the list. Keith, 23 the third line from the bottom read. “Keith,” he murmured breathlessly.

I love how everyone is just cool with sheith being married at the end of series.

No one’s questioning it like “that’d be too fast for them” or “it’s unrealistic. they’d have to be boyfriends for a while before even getting to that stage” because they’re bond and love for each other is so strong that if they skipped straight to that stage, it wouldn’t seem weird at all. Honestly, it’s in character, especially for Keith.

You can’t tell me that Keith wouldn’t marry Shiro on the spot. Shiro is the only person that Keith will love for the rest of his life. There’s no one else, except perhaps for Krolia, that has his unconditional love. Keith wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, so why wouldn’t he want to marry Shiro, knowing that’d he be content with being with him for the rest of his life?

Maybe Shiro would be the one to try to tell Keith to wait, but honestly after fighting in a war where death could happen at any time, I think it’d give Shiro some perspective and make him realise that time isn’t always on his side and you never know when things will go to shit again. So thinking about that, maybe Shiro would say yes. Just so if anything happens to them, at least they can take solace in the fact that they’re bonded for life. They belong to each other and no one else and not even death can’t take that away from them.

Regular sheith is wonderful but I think that engaged/married sheith is the god tier of the ship. What better way to further cement their love for each other than to seal it with two rings and a kiss?