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Can you recommend any softer fluffier stories?

Jamie: New friendships and experiences blossom when Jamie, a young hopeless romantic, bumps into Aiden, a socially inept pretty boy (with his own set of problems) in this coming of age story with themes of: Identity, peer pressure, heartbreak, sacrifice and the difficult journey to self acceptance.

Girl⚢friends: The comedic adventures of two sweethearts (and sometimes their friends).

100 Ways: Kris Kennedy is a transgirl who just got her first job at a Feng Shui shop nearby. She then grows a small crush on a current co-worker, Jay. So she waits 100 days to confess that she is transgender to Jay, hopefully he’ll accept her for who she is.

This is Not Fiction: A story about desperation in love–or something like that. Julian Drees is experiencing his first love with the extremely popular, dreamy, wonderful, yet completely anonymous romance novelist Sydney Morgan. In an effort to make Julian’s life easier, his best friend Isaiah Holloway hires the strangely-all-knowing class troublemaker (and self-proclaimed “Godfather of High School”) Landon Addison to help them find the true identity of Sydney Morgan. Unfortunately, the hired “help” is more the hired “complete-opposite-of-help”… but maybe all the trouble is worth it to meet the author of Julian’s dreams.

Dear Boy: “We learn love differently. So in turn, we give it differently”. Or so they say. Follow a group of not-so-human college boys as they whine about their tangled love lives.

Star ★ Bright: Haven’t you ever felt lonely? When you live in the middle of nowhere, away from your friends, wouldn’t you want something to change?
“Wish upon a star and maybe something will.”

Cool Places to Stop on a Roadtrip
  • Local Diners
  • Flea Markets
  • Museums (many university ones are free)
  • Movie Theaters/Drive-ins
  • Pet Stores
  • Animal Shelters
  • Malls
  • Hiking Trails
  • Art Galleries
  • Fairs
  • Carnivals
  • Zoos
  • Bookstores
  • Garage Sales
  • Arcades
  • Trampoline Parks
  • City Parks
  • Somewhere to see the sunset
  • Aquariums
  • Petting Zoos
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Sporting Events
  • Thrift Stores
  • Ice Cream Parlors
  • Frozen Yogurt Shops
  • Gift Shops

I recently had an anon ask me how I kept track of all the requests or ideas I have for my imagines so I thought I’d show you guys c:
I have this little journal that I write down all your requests you send me and the ideas I come up with. The system being to write them in and then check then off when the imagine gets posted.
So if you send me a request, the chances of it getting put in here are very high xD
Please don’t be shy! I’ll get to them all eventually ❤

Residents of the Library: A Practical Guide for New Librarians
  • The books
    • Not to be disturbed unless there is an emergency
  • The shelves
    • Ask politely before attempting to clean, some are exceedingly fond of their dust
  • The woman in the reference section who is perpetually searching for a certain unknown volume
    • She will always refuse to tell you which one it is, but it’s good manners to ask her a few times a day anyway
  • The cat with five eyes
    • We recognize that this terminology can be confusing, as there are at least a dozen of the cat with five eyes living in the library, but each of them insists on being treated as though they’re the only one. Therefore, each of them is The Cat With Five Eyes
  • Unidentified cryptid
    • Possibly just The Cat With Five Eyes pulling a prank
  • The lost child
    • At this point we must assume, as the child has not aged or been picked up for several years, that it is not so much lost as it is stuck. In the meantime, until its parent returns, it must be placated hourly with new picture books or tantrums will be thrown
  • Library patron
    • ??????????
  • The helpful ghost
    • A benevolent presence that keeps trying to help shelve books and putting them back in the wrong place. Actually exceedingly unhelpful, but the title makes it so happy
  • The Stacks Goblin
    • DO NOT offer food!
    • Shame on you, there’s no food allowed in the library anyway.

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Hi, I was wondering if you know of any webcomic characters who are asexual but demi-romantic/gray-romantic? Some someone close to that description?

I’m not sure about demi or gray romantic specifically, but here are some comics with asexual characters who have romantic relationships:

Snug Orbit: A slice of life autobiography about love somewhere between romance and friends, featuring a polyamorous household.

Positron: In a distant future, a warp core explosion imbues a handful of fated souls with superhuman abilities. Now set adrift, it is up to Marty and his fellow survivors to determine their place and purpose in a world forever changed by their existence.

Ace of Hearts: Meet Rhys Markiel. Just your typical gay high school senior. All he wants to do, now that he’s moved to a new school, is find a boyfriend. Luckily, he manages to find the “only other gay guy” at his school. To Rhys’s surprise, that same guy happens to be an asexual who has no interest in the physical intimacy that Rhys desires.

Lovespells: A positive comic about a witch and a lady magic knight who fall in love. Set in a JRPG-inspired world.

Shades of A: When openly asexual Anwar Sardar gets dragged to a kink night by his (soon to be ex) best mate, JD; he is surprised to make friends with Chris Slate, a middle aged transvestite with a penchant for Dr Who. Convinced they’ll never meet again Anwar puts him out of his mind, but the awkwardly charming man keeps turning up in his life.

Ignition Zero: Ignition Zero is an urban fantasy comic about a group of friends who get mixed up with faeries and spirits! It takes place in the fictitious city of Glory, Maryland in the fall of 2011, and covers the adventure Robbie, Orson, Neve, and Martin have with their friend, a spirit they call Ivory. Only Ivory–and those they’ve been defending her from–may not be what she seems. There isn’t always a clear right or wrong side to a story…

All the planets have a duality, where even though they can be classified into mostly benefic or malefic, it is not quite as simple as that. When we feel the energy in our houses, when we really think about it, I think it can become more clear why the lines become blurred.

The Sun- Our shining light and vibrancy, yet this can bring a strong ego, where we may become self-interested or involved.

The Moon- Emotional intelligence, experiencing this area through our inner, perceptive world. Yet this can also bring about wavering, instability and vulnerability.

Mercury- Lightness and wit, intellectual flourishing and curiosity, yet there could also be flightiness and the inability to commit to the mundane.

Venus- Connection, love and creativity. Yet also vanity or frivolity, keeping up appearances.

Mars- Conflict and aggression, boldness and bluntness. Yet also ambition, protectiveness and a fire in our bellies.

Jupiter- Expansion and growth, spirituality and abundance. Yet also recklessness, irresponsibility and an inflated sense of confidence.

Saturn- Tough lessons and restriction, barriers to break through and slow progress. Yet also knowledge, wisdom and an eventual feeling of accomplishment and discipline.

Uranus- Instability, sudden changes and the need to rebel in this area. Yet also innovation, clearing the way for something better and originality.

Neptune- Illusion and a feeling of victimhood. Yet also dreams, creativity, the breakdown of restrictive boundaries and a feeling of connection.

Pluto- The breaking of our ego, deep, often painful transformations and insight. Yet also rejuvenation, something growing from the ashes that propels us forward.

Signs a Guy Could Like You

♥‿♥side note: Obviously these are just generalisations, you can’t have a list of things which apply to everyone in an entire gender. Also these signs will show depending how confident they are because everyone acts differently

Body Language//How They Act

-He stands close to you even though there’s lots of space

-He makes a lot of eye contact when talking, especially if you’re talking in a group but he looks at you

-He looks at your lips sometimes

-You catch him staring at you (more than 8 seconds scientifically suggests it’s a big sign)

-Glances across a room, if he does this more than 3 times then it’s a big sign

-He might fidget or even sweat when around you due to nerves

-He touches his hair before or while talking with/ being around you

-He breaks the touch barrier, e.g: touches your hair, hand or arm (anywhere really)

-You notice he makes an effort to look good

-He faces his body towards you, in your direction

-Smiles at you for no particular reason

-He tilts his head to side (because he’s trying to read what you’re feeling)

-Changes the way he acts when he notices your presence

- Their eyebrows raise and pupils dilate just a little when they first look at you (these are the best signs but the trickiest to catch)

- They sit with open legs 


-Tries to keep conversations interesting and brings up a lot of subjects

-Gives you his full attention

-Maybe even tries to keep conversations short due to nerves

-Words things in a way that prolongs the conversation

-Possibly tones down the cursing if you don’t speak in that way

-Asks questions about you

-Brings up things from past conversations

-Doesn’t just talk about things he’ll find interesting

-If they tell a joke in a group, there eyes will flicker to you in order to see if you laughed

-Shares personal things with you or secrets which he doesn’t tell anyone else about

Types of Flirting

-Tries to impress you by bragging or pointing out things he thinks you’ll find impressive, like stuff he knows or can do

-Behaving differently with you, especially in a group

-Starts acting protective, e.g: seems to appear or stand closer when your giving someone else your attention

-May even flirt with other girls to see your reaction, this is quite easy to spot if he glances over at you to see if you’ve noticed

-If he only flirts with you and no one else that’s a great sign

-Laughs at all your jokes (even a little longer than he should)

-Teasing !!!

-Makes fun of or jokes about other guys you know and hang out with

-Compliments, even the small minor ones which seem like nothing

Ways You Can Find Out

- Adopt certain postures when you’re together that aren’t too obvious e.g: hands in pockets or cross your ankles. Stuff that they can see in their line of vision but wouldn’t consciously address. After sitting like that for awhile, see if they have also adopted the same, or a similar, position. Humans tend to subconsciously mimic the physicality of those they are attracted to

- Look at their face for a few seconds (2-4) and then look away. After a second, look back at them. if they hold eye contact with you, that’s a sign they’re interested

-Say something softly or quietly and see if he leans in to hear you, and does he stay closer afterwards

-Pay attention to how his friends act, if he’s told them about you or they’ve worked it out themselves you’ll usually be able to notice by them

-Change up your look, add something or do something different and if he notices and even comments on it, then it’s a sign

Hopefully this is helpful to someone!!! This list was a collab with the amazing blog @datesfordummies ! check them out <3 I’ll also be collabing with them on one of their posts soon ♥ let me know what you’d like me to make a big post on next ^_^

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tthis is going to be very specific: do you hhave any wlw comics about mermaids. please i am dying here. thank you, im lov.

Yes, there are actually a few short ones!

Sink!: A silent love story about a surfer and a mermaid.

On Her Guard: A short story about a Mermaid Princess and her Bodyguard.

Sirenita: A short story about a small girl and the smaller mermaid she loves.

(nonsexual) ways to make an age regressor happy

(this can apply to any age regressors as long as it’s nonsexual and real age regression,,,and these are just things I like. Most of these involve a carer/caregiver, but you can do some of these on your own.)

  • tie my shoes (because its hard for me to do it right)
  • give me stuffies as a gift
  • pour apple juice (or another favorite drink) into a sippy cup for me
  • hold my hand while walking in public (or not if you dont like pda (it doesnt even have to be romantic, platonic hand holding exists too))
  • cook me some kiddy foods (dino chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pb and j (or just j if u have allergies)
  • ice cream and/or candy for dessert
  • watch my favorite shows with me
  • help me with my homework (school/college is hard :(
  • play with my hair or comb it
  • movie night! Probably going to watch Disney or Dreamworks or maybe even a Pokemon movie! And don’t forget popcorn and blankets and stuffies.
  • Kid-friendly video games like Pokemon, Kirby, Pet simulator games like Nintendogs, Mario
  • When we’re bored, we can color/draw
  • Play-doh/ Slime
  • Oh yeah did I mention we can make slime! There are several recipes out there! Some don’t even require Borax if you can’t get it….I don’t even know what Borax is…..
  • Kid-friendly youtube vids (cute cat/dog vids, vids about toys/slime)
  • Play pretend! We can pretend do be animals or superheros or princesses/princes 
  • Go to the playground. Who cares if I’m physically too old. I’m still a kid inside ^^
  • Play online dress up games
Movies Bloodborne fans should watch: (if you ask me :P)
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf (French movie about the Beast of Gévaudan. Bloodborne’s fashion is most likely inspired by its beautiful costumes.)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Cainhurst? Cainhurst. Cheesy at times.)
  • Crimson Peak (Gothic romance at its finest.)
  • Hellboy 1 / 2 - The Golden Army (Just watch the two movies, okay? SO GOOD.)
  • Van Helsing (yeah yeah, I know this one isn’t that great. WHO CARES! harmless fun with crazy weaponry and big monsters.)
  • Mary Reilly (the classic tale of Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde seen from the point of view of Jekyll’s housemaid who, obviously, has a crush on him. )
  • From Hell (Jack the Ripper. Johnny Depp, Alan Moore, lots of drugs.)
  • The Whisperer in the Darkness (The best adaptation of Lovecraft’s story of the same name.)
  • Red Riding Hood (this movie gets all the hate just because it has the same director as Twilight but is a pretty decent movie with great atmosphere and a nice twist near the end. It’s not that easy to figure out who’s the wolf! My only complaint about this flick is that the actors are waaaay too attractive in pure young-adult romance fashion. Still worth a watch.)
  • Tenshi no Tamago (aka Angel’s Egg. Weird, visually stunning, very esoteric and reminds me a ton of Fishing Hamlet for some reason. The plot is cryptic and mysterious, just like Bloodborne’s.)
  • The Company of Wolves (a weird classic based upon Angela Carter’s dark fairytales ~♡)
  • Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (It’s better than you think.)
  • Goya’s Ghosts (SPANISH INQUISITION! Heresy! Torture! Drama! Doesn’t “look” like Bloodborne, but the themes are there and is overall a good historical movie with great actors.)
  • Penny Dreadful (TV series. This one is a mixed bag for me, but the photography is stunning and Victorian to the core. Rushed ending tho. And a lot of gratuitous sex scenes that don’t go anywhere. I warned you.)
  • Taboo (TV series. PRETTY NICE)
  • Hellsing Ultimate (Anime OVA which needs no introduction.)
🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦

X-Files Fic: But Always Together

For @leiascully‘s X-Files Writing Challenge: “List.”  This is basically a big ol’ “FUCK YOU” to The Field Where I Died.

1. 1890 B.C.

He is a shepherd, the youngest of six sons, tending to one of his father’s many herds.  She is the oldest daughter of a priest, and he sees her fetching water at a well one day and loses all power of speech in the face of her beauty.  He knows who she is- his father and hers are known to each other- and even though she smiles warmly at him, he cannot bring himself to speak to her.  As the youngest of six he has nothing to offer her, and he knows she’ll be married off to some oldest son, some fortunate man who stands to inherit much when his father dies.

One day when he’s out with his flock, he sees her approaching in the distance.  She’s carrying a lamb in her arms- one of his that, it transpires, had managed to wander off without his noticing (he’s been spending more time than he should dreaming about her).  He thanks her profusely, stumbling over his words, expecting her to laugh at him at any moment, but she doesn’t.  She’s sweet and kind and sits with him for hours, talking, until the sun in low on the horizon.

After that, they meet nearly every day, at the well or in the fields.  It takes him months to get up the nerve to ask her if she’s promised to anyone, and in response, she quirks an eyebrow at him and says, “I had assumed you would be asking for my hand, but maybe I was wrong.”

So they approach her father, and of course, he’s against the match, because he has nothing to offer her.  He goes to his father to ask him to intervene, but there’s no help to be had there: his father tells him he’ll find someone more suitable to his station.

They leave, together, that very night.

It’s difficult, far more difficult than either of them could have anticipated, and nearly every waking moment is consumed with ensuring their continuing survival- especially when children start to come- but at the end of every day, there are brief, fleeting moments of peace and love together, and it makes the rest of the hardship worth it.

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Spring Vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese - 漢語的春天

Originally posted by gameraboy

inspired by @malteseboy‘s post! (thank you for making these btw!)

Mandarin translation given in Pinyin and traditional characters 💮

March sān yuè 三月
April sì yuè 四月
May wǔ yuè 五月
June liù yuè 六月

butterfly hú dié 蝴蝶
flower huā duǒ 花朵
puddle wāng
bird niǎo
small bird niǎor 鳥ㄦ
lamb xiǎo yáng 小羊
grass cǎo 草 / 艸
ladybug piáo chóng 瓢蟲
ladybug (more common) huā dà jiě 花大姐
plant zhí zhū 植株
rainbow (cai) hóng (彩)虹
season shí 時 /
tree shù
tree (literary)
birth dàn
blossom huā
(honey) bee (mì) fēng (蜜)蜂
frog / 鼃
edible frog tián jī 田雞

green (adj.) (modern)
blue or green (adj.) qīng
cool (adj.) qīng liáng 清涼
new xīn
warm wēn

to melt róng huà 融化
to hatch fūluǎn 孵卵
to grow zhǎng
to be born shēng

Movies I have about women succeeding in fields that other characters thought they couldn’t possibly be any good in:
  • Zootopia - In a world of talking animals, Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit police officer. 
  • Hairspray - fat teenager Tracy Turnblad becomes a television dancer without losing weight; Inez Stubbs also becomes a television dancer despite being black in the 1960s USA. 
  • Legally Blonde - Elle Woods, a blonde ‘cheerleader-type’, becomes a lawyer. 
  • Strange Magic - Literal fairy princess Marianne learns how to sword fight, well enough to fight the king of the goblins to a draw. 
  • various Barbie movies - it’s a reoccurring theme in those. 
  • Quest For Camelot - Kaylee goes to retrieve the sword Excalibur, stolen from King Arthur by the ex-knight who killed her father ten years ago, and becomes a Knight of the Round Table herself.

I still have to get a copy of Hidden Figures, about the black women who worked for NASA as engineers, mathematicians, and computer-programmers during the Space Race - focusing mainly on Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson (formerly Goble), and Dorothy Vaughan - but I have seen that movie too.

(Fun fact - Hidden Figures and Hairspray take place at the same time. Tracy’s first live television broadcast happens during John Glenn’s space flight.)