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Got any scary halloween stories?

I have a personal one that happened to me that still creeps me out when I think about it. It’s not halloween themed but since it’s spooky season..

Some backstory; A few years ago I took care of a street cat Charlie. I’d feed him, let him in the house, sleep with me basically I adopted him. I live in a one story house and my room faces the street, he quickly learnt which window was mine and would meow/cry outside at night til I let him in. I was a little paranoid about opening the front door after 11pm so if he was late I’d open the side door and he’d jump the fence no problem.

Unfortunately my Charlie passed away a few years after, this was about six years ago. Two years ago I was up late one night around 1am, I cant remember exactly what I was doing but I had just got into bed. After a few minutes I swear I hear a meow. Just one quick one and it was gone. I pass it off as nothing and turn over. Then I hear it again but its louder and there’s a few of them. Like Charlie use to do to get my attention. I bolt upright out of bed and creek open my curtains, nothings there. Charlie was a mostly white siamese and would basically press himself against the window so I’d see him in the dark. I close the curtains and sit on my bed keeping an ear out. Almost 10 minutes pass, I got back into bed and try not to think about what happened. I hear it again and I quickly get out of bed to the back door and call for him. Nothing. Just as I’m shutting the door I hear a voice softly call “charlie”. My blood runs cold and I slam the door shut and threw myself under the sheets in the guest bedroom, refusing to sleep in my room.

My parents dont beleive me but I heard that voice clear as anything. My back door leads to an alleyway down the side of my house, it has no light and a shitty wooden door that at the time, had no lock.


I almost hesitate to post this. In the grand scheme of things happening right now, being told to smile seems like such a small problem. 

But small problems are the problem. They build up into big ones. 

I am allowed an entire range of emotions. If I own nothing else, I own those. And being told to smile because a man doesn’t like my neutral facial expression is an attack on that. 

And I see it as nothing less than a control issue. We teach this. We teach people in positions of power that they’re allowed to tell other people how to express their pain, that they should take it with a smile. 

It’s wrong. 

And this extends past smiling and into other realms of entitlement. But I don’t exist on anyone’s terms but mine. And I won’t smile just because you say so. 

If you don’t like the way my face looks, then don’t look at it. 

Day 10: #worldmentalhealthday

This year has been so hard for me from the very beginning and things got worst with the summer. I’ve always been so scared to talk about my experience with mental issues, I thought it wasn’t important enough to discuss. This summer I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety and even got a period of time when I experienced eating disorder due to my overthinking/anxiety. And my anxiety and panic attacks became unbearable. Dan’s “Daniel and Depression” video has actually encouraged me to talk to my parents about my issues and even seeing a psychiatrist. I’m so glad to have someone to look up to who has gone through similar problems and somehow managed to overcome them. I truly can’t explain how thankful I feel. Thanks for everything @danielhowell

Ps. I am very busy with school rn so I can’t keep up with inktober but I’m still trying to draw as much as I can yay :|


I was thinking about the #notallmen and like everytime someone posts about their experiences about sexual harassment there is that one person out of every five who goes like #notallmen so im just curious if you are a girl and you have NEVER experienced sexual harassment please reply to this post because apparently there are good men in this world and i shouldn’t generalize men but very girl i talk to have experienced sexual harassment maybe i live in a country where its really bad or maybe all of my friends come from similar backgrounds so they have had the same experience I mean I have like 100 friends but i have 17k followers its a huge difference in numbers if #notallmen is valid than at least 500 girls should come up and say hey Ayesha its not that bad the world isn’t that bad there are places where girls feel safe I mean I cant imagine that so pls do it ( and reblog this post if you want no pressure tho )