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Now that I have finished watching it all the way through, I am 100% convinced that Thermae Romae is a pro-anime propaganda campaign personally and directly targeted at me, or at least the tiny demographic of people who are A. not currently habitual anime/manga consumers, B. Roman history fanboys who imagine alternate histories, C. gay, D. classical music lovers, and E. have racked up over 1000 hours of playtime on Civilization V on Steam. To be more specific about item E, there’s no other explanation for why they would depict the growth of the Roman Empire’s borders over time on a map with hexagonal tiles (see the 1st pic). It has to be to fan-service for the Civ V players.

Unfortunately, while I enjoyed this show greatly, the desired brainwashing was not achieved, as I don’t have enough free time in my life to take up a serious anime habit. Regardless, I highly recommend Thermae Romae to all of my followers. It is a good AU and I endorse it unequivocally.

Thermae Romae

Today I will tell about films again.
This time it will be the Japanese one.
It is called Thermae Romae. Actually there are two parts of this film, but as I did, you can watch them in one time, one after another.

Both of these films tell about the architector of thermaes from Ancient Rome who lost his inspiration and occasionaly got into the modern Japan. 

At the first view these films seem a total trifle. I mean what, man from Ancient Rome in the modern Japan? What a noncense? But actually the films are really joyful and funny. They have surprisingly not bad costumes and decorations. They have good and pretty actors. You can laugh and relax watching them. Additionally you can observe some Japanese traditions, like bathing, eating and sumo ones.

So, if you a lover of Japan or the Ancient Rome, if you like peculiar films and if you just like to laugh a little at evening time rest, these films are for you.

okay this just came to mind but i’m kinda curious, but does anyone on here know what thermae romae is?

like i just need to know how many people have watched that movie and can sympathize with the craziness

tbh it was worse for me cuz when i watched it i was in japan with no goddamn subtitles and its honestly so much more mind boggling when you have no idea whats going on aside from a sentence or two. ntm i was sick af. it was an adventure man, a goddamn adventure