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130301 Infinite Rally Fanmeeting

[Trans] 130301 JungYeop Radio

An audience wanted to hear Minho snore, so he tried but Key said that it sounded like how he (moaned) when he soaked himself in the bathtub.
Then Onew did a snoring voice but Minho said “Ayee…that’s how my great uncle snores!”
Taemin then added “This is how our manager hyungs sound like when they sleep”
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Something about 'INFINITE RALLY'

Article about fanmeetings, Kim Jungryeol said this about Infinite Rally, “Even though it was a fanmeeting with the size of 13,000 people, there was no profit. The ticket prices were cheap but we invested a lot in the production cost for a high-quality stage. The fanmeeting was made entirely at the fanservice level.” (cr the_infinite7)