gif: 2012

2012 Splinter = Best Splinter

Rewatching 2012 TMNT just cause & No Contest 2012 Splinter is STILL THE BEST SPLINTER! 

Comic, 1987, 2003, & movie versions were decent BUT THIS SPLINTER IS JUST FUCKIN GREAT. Also I always do prefer the storyline where Hamato becomes Splinter instead of just being the pet rat like in the original comics, the movies, and the 2003 series. It always made more sense to me for him to turn into a rat and teach them cause while the Rat could mimic Yoshi’s moves, It cant mimic his weapon training & ninja stealth like he had haha 

Also he gave me one of the biggest FEEL trips in any TMNT series I’ve ever experienced and if ya haven’t seen the series I won’t spoil it cause its a great show. But real talk so far he’s the best incarnation the Turtles master yet

No offense to 2018 but if had the choice I’d go back to 2012 in a heartbeat.