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more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames



desc: cupcakes with kai! fluff and kisses. :)

Kai sat lazily atop the marble counter, head rolled back against the cold wall, eyes closed. His legs swung playfully back and forth, shoes clacking softly on the cupboard drawers as he tapped a rhythm with his feet, humming to himself quietly. His hands were clasped firmly in his lap, silver rings glinting under the bright kitchen lights of the Salvatore home. The faint noise of music from outside drifted into the kitchen, but within the walls it was silent.

“Hmm,” he whispered, eyes still closed. “You’re supposed to be outside”

“And you’re supposed to be icing the cupcakes, I guess that makes two of us at fault.”

He’d sensed her presence as soon as she’d set foot in the kitchen, but only now did he open up those sparkling blue eyes. She stood against the doorframe, arms folded against her chest, trying to seem imposing but only looking cute. She wore white heels and a sunshine yellow dress to match her personality, her hair rippling in perfect curls down her defined figure. There were tiny silver stars painted with glitter across her cheekbones, blending in beautifully with her constellation of freckles. She was stunning, well, she always was, but this time especially so. Kai momentarily forgot how to breathe, a lump catching in his throat as he drank her up.

“So? You’re really going to just ignore me?” she snapped with aggravation, her lower lip pouting out.

“No no,” he shook his head. “I was just going to say that…” he trailed off, mind rushing in a thousand places at once.

When she realized he wasn’t going to finish the sentence, she shrugged in false annoyance and turned to leave.

“Wait!” he called, hopping off the counter onto the polished wooden floors.

She froze in the doorway, listening.

“I don’t want to go out there,” he admitted.

“Why?” she fired back.

“I’m still not used to the big crowds and loud noises, I just feel so out of place at this stupid party,” he groaned. “So, the longer I stall in here, the less I have to figure out this whole ‘being a functional human’ thing.”

She turned back to face him, and he could tell she had one of her ideas because of that proud smirk she wore.

“Okay,” she grinned.


“Okay, I’ll stay with you and we can ice cupcakes together so that you don’t look like a total loser.”

“Oh,” he replied with genuine shock, his fingers fidgeting nervously with his black tee. “You’d do that?”

The girl sighed, trying to focus her gaze anywhere but his eyes, or mouth, or jaw, or cheekbones, or neck, or…

“Eh,” she shrugged. “The party’s pretty lame, and plus I’d rather be wit- with the cupcakes,” she blurted.

His lips twitched upwards before splitting into a full grin, his heart melting. She saw his expression and beamed a radiant smile back, skipping over to the counter and grabbing the frosting bowl without two seconds thought.

“I need the spready thingy,” she said, waving her hand at Kai.

Kai snickered and gave her the utensil, watching as she dipped it into the chocolate goodness and proceeded to spread it perfectly atop the vanilla cupcake, the rich frosting swirling into a tiny curl on top. He gave her some rainbow sprinkles, and chuckled as she stuck her tongue out in concentration as she focused on getting the perfect layer of color on top. She was so cute, and that flowery perfume she wore was intoxicating, he thought to himself.

“So?” she said, lifting up the little masterpiece. “What do you think?”

“Adorable,” he said, unsure of wether he was actually referring to the cupcake or the girl.

“Shame,” she shrugged. “Because I’m hungry so, bye-”

“I thought those were for the party,” he snickered as she held the cupcake inches from her open mouth.

She raised an eyebrow, a smile playing across her lips, “well, you can’t stop me.”

“Yeah?” he challenged, raising his hands and using his magic to whoosh the cupcake into his open palm with no effort.

Her mouth hung open in disbelief, “you did not just do that.”

“I think I did,” he whispered, eyes glinting with mischief. 

“I want my cupcake,” she growled, a strand of hair falling across her eyes.

“Come get it,” he winked.

She lunged forward as Kai stepped back, and then he promptly vanished before reappearing on the other side of the kitchen.

“Over here,” he sang, lips spread wide.

She sprinted to where he stood, reaching out just as he vanished again, now reappearing atop the counter. He stuck out his tongue teasingly and ran it across the edge of the icing, moaning dramatically as the icing hit his lips.

“Malachai Parker, stop right now,” she warned.”

“Or what?” he ran his tongue cleanly over the top, half of the icing gone in a second.

“Or- crap,” she hissed as he disappeared again. “K-” she started, spinning around and smacking directly into his front. His invisibility charm melted at once, his cheeks flaring in embarrassment from the contact. She stood with her chest to his, hand against his him, a sliver of a gap between their faces. His full lips drooped apart, skin alighting red, blue eyes not knowing where to look. Her eyes flickered back and forth between his own, breath caught in her throat.

“Sorry,” they both stammered, taking a step back.

Neither of them knew what to say, so the girl quickly acted on impulse, grabbing the cupcake before Kai could register, and smushing it against his nose. This snapped him right our of his trance, his hands flying up, eyes wide.

“Payback’s a bitch,” she snickered.

His eyes darkened as he swiped his hand across his face, a smirk on his lips, “oh, you are going to regret that.”

Kai reached into the icing and scooped out a handful of chocolate icing with glee. The girl noticed his move turned to run, but he caught her easily by the wrist and swung her close before he smeared the goop over her right cheek. She gasped out and reached to stop his hand from coming again, her hand meeting with his in the air and now getting the icing all over her palms. She dove beneath his next swipe, rubbing her hands on his neck and diving for the bowl to get more. She dipped her whole hand in before flinging it forward, sending icing splattering all over Kai. Kai summoned the bowl to his hands, which was, as she yelled, cheating. He used his magic to effortlessly raise all the icing into one wad from the bowl, the substance rotating above her head in the air.

“You won’t,” she dared, looking up at the icing above them.

“You underestimate me.”

All at once, the entirety of the icing went showering across the room and over their bodies, any chance at their clothes being salvaged now gone for good. She tried to act angry but couldn’t help herself as she burst out laughing and stumbled forward, collapsing into Kai’s arms and shaking uncontrollably, tears of joy pouring down her cheeks. Kai wheezed, and they both went sinking to the ground, holding each other for minutes until they could breathe right again.

“That was awesome!” she smiled, releasing Kai from the waist and slinging her arms around his neck.

He smiled, so happy to see her happy, “yeah?”

“Yeah,” she beamed, somehow still looking like a work of art covered in chocolate.

Kai raised his finger to lightly boop her nose, swiping off some of the excess from her face and dipping his slender fingers into his mouth. She chuckled and wiped her eyes, letting her arms come back down to her sides. Kai noticed, his face falling, so he wrapped his fingers around her wrists and lifted them back around his neck where they belonged. Her heart skipped a beat, and all at once she ached to close the gap between them. Kai’s blue eyes were glowing with joy, and he couldn’t help but dart them from her mouth to her own eyes.

“Ohh, we’re gonna get in so much trouble,” she sighed softly.

“Close your eyes,” Kai responded.

So she did, and when she opened them again, all of the icing was back in the bowl, their clothes perfectly in tact, no sign of what had happened at all. He took her hand in his and wrapped his arms around her waist before placing her gently atop the counter.

“Impressive,” she smiled.

“Mm,” Kai said, tilting his head forward closer to hers, his eyes only on her.

“We’re gonna get in so much trouble,” she breathed again across his lips before they could meet with hers.

Kai opened his eyes, boring them into her own, ready to back off if needed.

She smirked and bent down, “oh well.” 

And with that her lips crashed against his own, hands coming sliding around his neck and into his brown locks. He groaned softly against her lips, hold hooking around her thighs as he lifted her body into his own. Her legs wrapped around his waist, his hands pinning her in place to his body as they drowned in each other’s lips. Her back hit the wall as they went stumbling across the kitchen, hunger inside them growling like wildfire as their tongue’s fought for dominance. His mouth refused to part from hers as each of them pushed with more force than the other, the sensation overwhelming. 

Suddenly Kai stopped, his breath coming heavy, “someone’s coming.”

She cursed as he released her, running back to the counter, “do something!”

He snapped his fingers and all of the cupcakes aligned themselves at once, all iced to perfection. They both darted behind the counter and pretended to be at work.

“Everything okay?” Bonnie asked, sticking her head in through the door frame.

“Yeah,” Kai smiled, giving the girl a knowing glance, “cupcake and I were just finishing up here.”

How I Made This Sonic Animation!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional animator. This is just a rundown of how I made this particular animation, and does not reflect how the animation process is typically done.  

Step 1: Model Sheet

I got some references together and used them to make a basic character model. After that, I wanted to make sure the colors of both Sonic and the background looked good to together while still somewhat matching the colors used in the cut-scenes of Sonic CD.

Step 2: Rough Draft

I broke down Sonic’s design to make a quick rough draft of what the animation was going to look like. I also added a grid with a vanishing point to get a better idea of where to position him. 

Step 3: Filling Things In

After the rough draft was finished, I started working on filling everything in. You can see how some parts of Sonic start to disappear as the animation plays out, since I was still working on them.

I was also testing to see how the rocks and dirt patches were going to look like in the shot. 

The Finished Animation

I later added an outline to the horizon to help the rocks and dirt patches fade into the background better. But there you have it!

In retrospect, I’m not happy with the gradients that I used for the background. I should’ve put more effort into making it look more believable. Furthermore, I should’ve added more rocks and dirt patches farther off to the sides to make the background less empty. 

I also wish I could’ve added smear frames to Sonic to help give him a better sense of speed. In some frames, his legs look like they’re over-extending. Probably because I animated the feet and legs separately…

Despite all that, I’m happy I was able to do this much. And I look forward to doing more in the future! 

Anyway, I hope this was insightful in some way. And sorry if there’s any issues viewing these gifs, I’ve never uploaded multiple gifs before. 

(Art Credit)

How on earth did this happen?! (I honestly do nothing worthwhile on this blog~!) Another promo post in such a short period of time, how it flies! Goodness, this post will be very long, so I will be adding a small tag underneath for all those who I’ve tagged! When I do consider it, 150 wonderful people is such a huge group following this small blog, it still amazes me how much encouragement I receive daily for my portrayal of Kaede, despite how little of the game I am knowledgeable about! Each and every single one of you have contributed so much to my experience here, making my experience in the Danganronpa RP fandom absolutely memorable, therefore, without further ado, here is the list of those who deserve such a big mention for making this milestone happen! 

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Imagine babysitting with Chris.

A/N: This is based off a prompt from an anonymous request and I think it’s so superbly adorable that I might actually make this the sequel to the ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ mini-series. If you’ve read the mini-series, you’ll know the reader is a screen writer and they got married after she drunkenly admitted she was ready for the next step. You can read it here (I’ll link it as soon as I get home) but you don’t have to, this should be able to standalone as its own mini-series. So shall we?

Chris waited by the front door with the stroller and your baby niece in his arms, while you filled Dodger’s food and water bowl and made sure everything in the house that needed to be off and locked was. You were babysitting your eldest brother’s one year old for the week while he and your sister-in-law were out of town. Your parents had been the first choice but Chris begged and pleaded for the opportunity, bugging your brother so much that it finalized his decision to leave Phoebe with the two of you instead.

But Chris’ persistence wasn’t the only reason; your brother said and you quote, “the man’s going to put a baby in you soon, you might as well have some practice.” You laughed but you knew he was right. You had been with Chris for five years now, married only for one but already discussing the possibility of starting a family; a subject you’d unknowingly brought up before you even got proposed to when you were drunk, but since then there had been serious conversations about it.

The only reason the baby making hadn’t started was because of you, you were still unsure and stalling; Chris knew which was why he asked to take care of Phoebe. You didn’t know that but you knew you’d eventually have to stop talking and start doing, you and Chris weren’t getting any younger and both moms from either side were itching for you and Chris to join your siblings in the Parent Club; your two brothers- James, who had a son and a daughter; Scott, who had a daughter; and Chris’ oldest sister- Carly, who had two sons and a daughter.

“Hurry up, Aunt Y/N.” You heard Chris addressing you with a childlike voice to appease your squirming niece. “We’re getting really bored over here and we want to go out. Don’t we, Bumble Bee?” He cooed and bounced her, drawing small giggles from the one year old. “We want to go outside, yes we do.”

“I’m coming,” you called back as you grabbed Phoebe’s diaper bag from the kitchen counter. You checked the contents yet again, unsure if giving Chris the job of stocking it was the right decision. “Chris-” you narrowed your eyes at the small Ziplock of Gummi Bears. “What’s this?” You held it up and his eyes narrowed in confusion at your question.

“A Ziplock of Gummi Bears?”

“I can see that,” you chuckled. “Why did you pack them? Phoebe can’t eat these yet, she’s one.” You told him then realized when he laughed. “You packed them for me, didn’t you?” You asked then chuckled when he nodded. “Well- we’re leaving them behind,” you said and placed the bag on the nearest table. “I don’t need the distraction when we’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping to do, and a child to watch. Trust you to pick the busiest time of the year to offer our babysitting services.”

“Like we’d have any trouble with this angel.” He said then poked her tiny palm with his stubby finger; she wrapped her hand around his finger then laughed when he did. “She’s so adorable,” he told you, brushing her brown locks out of her chubby face. “I am so glad we have her for the week.”

“Don’t speak too soon, my love. Let’s not forget that it’s only been a few hours.” You reminded him as you walked over, tucking the diaper bag in the basket compartment under the stroller. “She’s an angel now ‘cause her daddy just dropped her off. She’s still unaware she’s stuck with us for the week, but once she realizes that- all hell’s going to break loose and you’re going to be wishing you had let Scott and Lexi take her to Mom’s instead.”

“You clearly don’t know how much I like kids,” he defended.

“You clearly don’t know how well I know my niece,” you countered.

“She’s my niece too, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you then turned to smile at Phoebe, who was too busy playing with his hand to flash him one of her smiles. “And I love her to bits, which means- she could kick, scream, and cry, and I’d still think she’s perfect.”

“Hold up.” You pulled out your phone from your back pocket and opened the voice recorder app, pressing the red button to start the recording. “I would just like it on the record,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “You know, so that when she does kick, scream, and cry- you can deal with her without complaints.”

“Fine.” He wrapped his free hand around your wrist and pulled your phone closer to his mouth. “Hey Future Chris, Past Chris talking. I’d just like to remind you that we said Phoebe could kick, scream, and cry, and we’d still think she’s perfect. So don’t you dare complain 'cause you know how much we hate it when Y/N gets that smug gleam in her eyes.” He smirked at you and you chuckled. “Don’t worry though, Bumble Bee’s an angel. I’m sure we’ll have a great week with her despite what Y/N says, she’s a pessimist.”

“Shut up,” you laughed and turned off the recording, saving it before slipping your phone back into your back pocket. “Let’s go because we’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and I want to get it done before dinner.”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris cheered in a childlike voice, making Phoebe laugh and you smile.

• • • • • • • •

Chris pushed Phoebe in the stroller while you did the shopping, it was the same every year- not the stroller pushing but the you doing the shopping. Every Christmas since you became his significant other, he’d pass the responsibility of shopping for people in his life over to you; he wasn’t bad at it, you were just better and he was just lazy. The only people he shopped for now was you, his mom, and yours because- well, he couldn’t make you buy your own present and he was a huge momma’s boy.

“Oh my God,” you heard Chris gasp and you turned around, smiling when you saw what he had in his hand; it was a little baby reindeer onesie. “Tell me your heart didn’t just melt a little,” he pouted and you chuckled. “We’re definitely getting this.” He said and tossed it in your basket.

“Chris,” you chuckled and pulled it back out. “We don’t need this, Phoebe’s the only baby in the family and- I’m pretty sure she’s already got one of these at home.” You hung it back on the rack but he took it back down, giving you serious puppy dog eyes. “Chris, no.” You laughed. “What are we going to do with that?”

“We’re going to have a baby of our own and dress her or him in it,” he answered and tossed it back in your basket. You sighed but made no effort to take it out, knowing he wouldn’t let up. “We’re already talking about it, Y/N. Collecting cute little outfits and knick-knacks for our future child is the next step.”

“You really need to keep it down,” you chuckled softly as you joined his side. He wrapped an arm around you, pushing the stroller with one hand while the two of you walked down the Baby Clothing’s aisle. “Let’s not forget we’re not normal people, the last thing we need is one of your fan girls overhearing us talking about having babies.”

“I’m pretty sure we’re already going to make the front page walking around with Phoebe,” he chuckled softly and smiled down at Phoebe who was smiling up at her uncle. “A lot of strangers already think she’s our child, won’t be long before someone recognizes us and tweets about it. I think that blonde lady back there felt like she knew me but wasn’t sure.”

“You do look different in person,” you nodded.

“Still, we’re going to get caught eventually,” he said and you rolled your eyes. “We always do,” he reminded you. “How many times have we had to stop to take photos or sign something? Even you, Miss Screen-writer, have had to sign a copy or two of your scripts.”

“Yeah-” you pursed your lips, “how do people just have that on hand? It’s weird,” you said and he chuckled. “But we’re not going to get caught this time, everyone’s too busy shopping to bother with us. And- you and I, we’re going to keep our hats on,” you tugged at his NASA cap and he chuckled. “The most- we pretend to not know what they’re talking about and be a cute little family of three. We are getting a lot of compliments.”

“Here comes one now,” Chris whispered in your ear, beckoning his head at an older couple smiling at the three of you. “Hi there,” he greeted the old lady who was cooing at Phoebe; she looked up at the two of you and smiled, nodding in acknowledgement. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” her husband said with a smile. “You two make a very good looking couple,” he complimented, making both you and Chris smile. “And your daughter is just beautiful, much like your wife. You’re a lucky man,” he nodded at Chris and Chris chuckled softly.

“What’s her name?” The old lady asked.

“Phoebe,” you told her and her smile widened.

“That’s my daughter’s name,” she told you and you smiled. “Your girl is just beautiful, she has your eyes.” You chuckled softly because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that; Phoebe had your brother’s eyes and you looked a lot like him. “Just one girl?”

“We’re planning for more,” Chris answered before you could tell the lady the baby actually belonged to your brother. “How could we not when the first one turned out so perfect?” He said then smiled at you; you stifled your chuckle but nodded in agreement.

“We hope everything works out for you, you’re a beautiful family.” The old lady complimented then took her husband’s arm. “Merry Christmas,” she said. The couple smiled at your little family of three once more before returning to their own shopping.

“We’re a beautiful family,” Chris repeated, beaming. “What’s that- the eighth one in two hours?” He nudged your arm, grinning like an idiot and making you laugh. “Can we please have a baby of our own now? Like- no more talk, we’ve talked enough. Let’s just have a baby already,” he practically begged.

“Get through this week and we’ll see.”

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Reblogs Appreciated!

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so i told a girl ive been talking to for a while that i liked her but she refused to believe me and it sorta sucks for me but oh well not everything works out and moving on sure as hell aint easy ~ sorry for being so inactive ive had a busy holiday ^^


Less than a month left to submit your artwork.

We’re creating a fanzine to celebrate Ilona Staller ‘Cicciolina’, her work and activity - everything she stands for as a porn actress, politician and in her personal life.

The more people are involved the better, so the project will be open to everyone. You can use any technique from pencil doodles to oil paintings to create your artwork.

Deadline: 30th of September, 2015.


Your works and questions are welcome at: