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Aranjuez, / Aranjuez,
Hoy las hojas secas sin color / today the dry leaves without color
Que barre el viento / Which are swept by the wind
Son recuerdos del romace / Are just reminders of the romance
Que una vez / we once started
Juntos empezamos tu y yo / And that we’ve forsaken
Y sin razon olvidamos / without reason.
En Aranjuez, amor / In Aranjuez, my love
Tu y yo / You and I

The world is dyed with the color of blood ~ Vampire Knight (failed edit)

Una de las cosas más lindas de CAPRICORNIO es su mirada. Sin importar el color de ojos; ya sean azules, sientes que le ves el alma y más allá; y si son marrones, te despiertan como el café. 😍 Es simplemente PENETRANTE, e incluso… Algunos te siguen mirando aunque te hallas dado cuenta, algo descarado pero bonito 💕

Chara: suga daddyxyou

//this one took me forever…(mostly cuz I was percrastonating..) I coulda finished this in like a day and a half….but it’s done….here’s my daddy with his oral fixation….he just loves sticking his head between your legs….him and you are fwb (friends with benefits..) and you come over when the members are gone…I love writing about my daddy so..enjoy~..!\

Oral Fixation👅💦

Yoongi picked up his phone and dialed your number. Tapping his foot lightly against the hardwood. All the other members went out shopping, of course Suga didn’t want to go. With it being their day off, why the fuck would he want to go out. Waiting for you to pick up he huffed. But you did “….hello oppa~…” You cooed into the phone, his call filling you with excitement. Yoongi’s cheeks flushed the most sinful color when you called him that. “…..hey~…” He spoke softly chewing on his bottom lip. “…..wanna come over..” He asked scratching the back of his neck with anticipation. You giggled knowing what you did. You could picture the pink tint on his cheeks. “Ok be over there in a flash..” You exclaimed seeming more excited than you meant to. “….fresh…..ok…see you in a little..” He smiled know you couldn’t see him. He tried to act macho when you were around.

The both of you were friends with benefits, he’d call you over when he was alone. He’d usually be writing lyrics or composing. And you come over and he’d exploit all your spots. This had gone on for a couple months, the other members never notice a thing. Yoongi’s very good at hiding what he wanted to keep hidden. Not that he wouldn’t have told them it’s just not something you share. Grabbing his notebook and pen he hopped on the bed. Laying on his stomach he began putting some words on the page. The doorbell rang after a while his head shot up biting back his smirk he got up. Off the bed and made his way to the door. Unlocking it he let his smirk fan out along his lips. “…hello~..” It was flirty and confident, his baritone voice smooth. You gave him a flirty wave in return. He stepped aside and once you entered he closed the door behind you. You knew where to go, he didn’t have to tell you.

Pushing past the door it swinging open slowly. Making your way to the bed you hop on it pressing your back against the head. You watched him as he entered and closed the door behind him. Taking his phone out his pocket he Bluetoothed connected to his speakers in his room. Some song by Young Thug started playing and you began bobbing your head. Tossing his phone on the bed he hopped on it as well. Laying on his stomach picking his phone up and scrolling through it. Yoongi had a very laid back demeanor which meshed with you very well, the silence was comfortable. You did the same by pulling your phone out and scrolling through Instagram. It’d been a little while and you switched to Twitter. But you didn’t notice his eyes trailing up your legs. It was a particularly hot day and you decided on shorts. Suga liked your legs and your hips. And any chance they were exposed he’d take advantage. You exploited that weakness any chance that you got.

Abandoning his phone his eyes glided back down your long legs. He thought you were so thick and he loved your thighs wrapped around his head. Just thinking about it made his cock twitch in his pajama pants. Leaning over he pressed a kiss to your thigh making you smile. You knew what he was up to. Pressing another kiss he moved over lifting her leg he dipped under it. Wrapping his fingers around your ankle he slipped your sandal off. Tossing it he took your other shoe off put that one with its mate. Resting your ankle on his shoulder he reached down unbuttoning your shorts. Tugging them down and off he threw them as well. Biting his lips as your white laced panties were reveal to him. His gaze drunk in the sight greedily, flickering up to yours then back. You put your phone down at this point and your eyes were on him.

Oral fixation plague the male, his tongue was always out his mouth, running along his lips. But when it came to you his mouth watered, he had to quench his thirst. His eyes locked with yours he hooked his fingers under the waistband of your panties. Tugging them down slowly his tongue ran across his lips. Slipping them off your feet he tossed them. Spreading you our legs wide he got a great view of your pussy. “….mmmm..” Was all he said leaning down he flattened his tongue and ran it along your folds. “Fuck~..” You moaned bucking your hips upward towards his wet muscle. He rested in between your legs. Hooking his arms under your thighs his eyes flutter closed. His tongue began circling around your clit. You arch off the bed a little looking down at him as he tasted you. You thought he was beautiful and in between your legs it made you blush. Gripping the sheets lightly, his fingers digging into your thighs.

Bucking your hips once more your moans increased as he sucked your clit into his mouth. Your fingers tangling into his hair, tugging it lightly. “…Yoongi~…” You whined biting your lip looking down at him. He felt your gaze on him and so he met it with his. His eyes fluttering closed as he sucked harder on your clit. Uncurling his arm from your thigh he brought it under him. Taking his index and running it around your entrance teasingly. You inhale at the feeling arching your back in anticipation. His pretty fingers rubbing around the entrance of your tight hole. You whined his lips still sucking on your clit. The pleasure was building and pooling out between your legs. You were so hot and wet, his mouth was magical. It was obvious he had a evil spell on you. Your toes curled and you tilted your head back. He got bored with his teasing also he wanted to hear your screams of pleasure rather then the moans and whimpers he was earning now. Briefly sucking on his digit he slipped it inside your tight hole. His eyes fluttering open so he could watch your reaction.

“Yessss~….” You groaned arching your back and he smiled into your slit. He started off slow but he quickly picked up the pace. Your moans grew as his thrusts fastened. Sucking on his second finger he slipped that one in as well. Curling them upwards he pumped it, fast and deep. Switching from sucking on your clit to flicking it with his tongue. “Yoooonngiiii~…!!!” You moaned loudly he grinned widely watching you intently. You were so close as his fingers assaulted your spot. “Baby I’m…close..” You moaned your head still tilted back. Eyes shut tight as your tension builded. “….mmmm….cum for me baby..” He cooed up at you adding a third digit mercilessly hitting your spot. You cried out his name as your orgasm washed over you. Arching off the bed your toes curled. A satisfied smile on his pouty lips as your walls clenched down around his fingers. Keeping his fingers going he drew out your high. Licking you clean around his fingers. Panting you flattened your arms on the bed, light whimpers escaping your lips as he slowed to a stop.

Slipping his fingers out he hummed as he looked at them soaked with your juices. “….mmm good girl..” He hummed as he popped each finger into his mouth one by one. Sucking your cum off of his digits he moaned from your taste. The sight made your walls throb. The feeling those lips left on your pussy lingered still. One more teasing attack against you. He ran his pink muscle along his lower lip catching anything he’d missed. You whined poking your lip out to a pout as it throbbed again, he knew what he did. Moving up your body hovering over you he pressed a sweet kiss to your lips. You hummed into it trying to deepen it. It he pulled away and lazily laid down beside you. Looking over at you he smiled lightly watching as your breathing regulated. Tucking his lip in between his teeth he groaned softly. His hard cock pressing against his jeans. All that hollering for him made him solid as marble, but it always did when it came to you.

His hands slid down and began undoing the drawstring. He tugged his pants down and his hardened length sprang out. He hummed as the cool air kissed the tip gently. Bucking up a little he hummed again glancing down at his cock then back at you. “…..come sit on it for me..” He bit his lip as he purred smoothly his eyes dark with lust. You shivered with the magnitude of his stare as you leaned over. Swinging your leg over him you straddled his hips. Looking down at him you stroked cock a couple times before you lined it up with your entrance. Moaning softly you pushed down on it he groaned as well. All the way to the hilt you engulfed him in your wetness. His hands came up and gripped your waist. His fingers digging into your skin, you started rocking your hips. A wave of pleasure washed over you both. “…fuck..” He swore his hands on your hips moving with your rhythm.

Reaching behind you, you unhooked your bra then pull both over your head and off. Tossing both the garments with the rest. Moaning deeply you picked up the pace rocking your hips a little faster. He guided your hips moving them faster his head tilting back. “…oh…my..God..!” Your voice brining to project filling the room and mixing with his. The pleasure building up in the both of you. His eyes slid up your body as it rolled on top of him. Drinking in your figure and completely relishing in it, making him exhale. Feeling yourself a little bit you begin bouncing your ass on top of him. His lips parted as an exhale escaped his lips form the change of movement. “….that’s write baby….bounce on that cock..” He purred up at you biting his lip. Sitting up he removed his hands from your hips and cupped your breasts. Flicking his tongue over both your nipples. Your fingers tangle in his hair as you arch up to his mouth. Bouncing your hips faster and harder he moaned into your chest. Ceasing his hip movements for the time being.

After a little while he laid back down his hands going back to your hips. Guiding your hips up and down. He was close and so were you. “….I’m close baby…” He hummed up at you. “….me too..!” You moaned as your legs began to tremble as your orgasm builded. Placing your hands on his chest you used them as leverage so you could slam your hips down on him harder. “Mhm….cum all over my cock baby…” He moaned starting to thrust up into you. “Yoooonggiiiiii~…!!!” You screamed out as you came hard your hips jerking as your hips became erratic. Suga groaned as your walls squeezed his length. Milking him as he came undone as well his thrusts uneven as well. He moaned your name loudly. Emptying his seed deep into you he arched off the bed a bit. His nails dug into your skin as his thrust continued drawing out both of your orgasms.

Panting you collapsed onto his chest laying your cheek on it flat. He was. Reaching heavy as well, his hips slowing to a stop. “…wow…” You breathed softly against his chest. Tracing small shapes on his chest glancing up at his lazy expression. A hand coming up and rubbing your back soothingly as his eyes fluttered closed. “…it’s always wow..” He spoke softly his breath evening out at this point. But he felt sleep tugging at him. It was doing the same to you as your eyes flutter closed. “……..I love you Yoongi….” Your whispered softly thinking he was sleep and that he wouldn’t hear you. But after a little while right before you drifted off to sleep. “….I love you…too…” He whispered as sleep claimed him. You smiled brightly as it claimed you as well.

“Men don’t know Magma,” he explains. “He dwells deeply inside the earth, sleeping on the volcanoes beds and spinning in the center of the planet’s life. I hardly ever see him because his presence brings destruction and I can’t stand seeing the suffering of men and beasts,”

Fallen Gods and Wistful Men, chapter 5 by @burn-gormans-eyelashes

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Sil. XXI; a reason to live.