gif series: the debt


“I don’t mind if the character is a small character, but I would just like her to have a journey in the film. Sometimes the characters are just there as a prop to further the man’s story. The great directors I’ve talked to, I’ve said listen, I don’t mind playing a woman that is a tiny part, but how does the story affect her? What can I play in the end that’s different from the beginning? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense, because it’s just like being a prop.”
 — Jessica Chastain

Culture Diet: Movie — The Debt

Grade: B for Better than it seems, not as good as it could be. Despite fantastic performances by all the main actors (yes! Even Sam Worthington! Or do I just like his face?), the movie was oddly impenetrable, like there was something deeper and richer below the surface that was never quite explored. The ending made my eyes roll, but I do like that she walks away…finally having paid her debt. (GET IT?!)

It did solidify one thing for certain: Jessica Chastain is my favorite contemporary actress. Period. She’s a gem.