gif roundup

Happy Snowbarry Valentine’s Day to everyone! 

And a massive Thank You to each and every single one of you who contributed to this love-fest, whether it was fic or gifs, or simply spreading love in reblogs, likes, and reviews! Your feedback means so much to each and every single one of our contributors, so keep the love coming <3

It’s been a year. A year since Will and Hannibal looked into each other’s eyes after having killed the dragon together. A year since they plunged into the Atlantic and left us wondering what would happen after that. We are in an indefinite hiatus (or he-ate-us, as we’ve always called them) right now, but if this year has served to teach us something, is that Fannibals are tenacious, and if Hannibal could wait three years for Will in prison, so can we wait for our Season 4!

We already made a thank you post for everyone who participated, but we need to say a couple of things more. Thank you, Bryan Fuller, not only for helping create our fandom and family, but also for supporting Fannibals constantly, for keeping hope alive, and obviously, for supporting #ItsStillBeautiful. We couldn’t be more grateful and overwhelmed. THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who continues to create for Hannibal, everyone who helps keeping the fandom alive. And of course, thank you to everyone who keeps reading fics (and giving kudos and comments!!), sharing fanarts and gifsets, and just showing the same enthusiasm for this fandom as a year ago.

It’s been a year, Fannibals… And we’re a year closer to our season 4 goal. So keep creating, keep being loud, keep making this the best fandom ever. Because… you know… It’s still beautiful.

Without further ado, here are all the links to the Art & Fic Roundups, with everything you guys have created. If you didn’t know before, we hope you do now!  With nearly 150 works for the 1st post-TWOTL fest, it should be obvious that Fannibals aren’t going anywhere.

Art: General

Art: Angst


Art: Crack

Art: Happy Endings

Art: RarePairs and Rare Characters

Fic: Angst (Including MCD)

Fic: Happy Endings (Including TCD)

Fic: Rarepairs and Rare Characters

Fic: Fluff