gif roundup

Another round of applause for all the beautiful entries we got for Snowbarry Week 2017, and a massive THANK YOU to everyone who made this week so much fun.

Entries are ordered alphabetically by type and then by title.

DAY 1 - Hogwarts/magic au

DAY 2 - arranged marriage

DAY 3 - supervillains

DAY 4 - free day

DAY 5 - amnesia

DAY 6 - high school/college au

DAY 7 - soulmates

Happy Snowbarry Valentine’s Day to everyone! 

And a massive Thank You to each and every single one of you who contributed to this love-fest, whether it was fic or gifs, or simply spreading love in reblogs, likes, and reviews! Your feedback means so much to each and every single one of our contributors, so keep the love coming <3

We want to send a massive thank you to our few contributors who managed to make this challenge FUN AND NEW AND EXCITING! Thank you so much for taking the time to create something beautiful and adding a little content for our ship again : )

DAY 1 - canon calling

DAY 2 - what could have been

edit: We’re also very pleased to see WE BROKE 1K FOLLOWERS EEEEEE! also, Snowbarry Week themes will be posted later this week!