gif of cicada

You should’ve used that escape rope while you still could..

Giratina: “..You’re too tall.”

Rayquaza: “Mmmhm.“

Okay, I’m going to be honest, I’m not feeling the best at the moment. I’m just thinking about a lot of things and I’m trying stay in a good mood but unfortunately, it’s not easy. Anyways, here, have a Giratina cicada blocking a Rayquaza.

Sorry it’s not much, maybe in a few days I’ll get it together.

star͜t̛͡ov̢͜͢e͟r ̴͠ ̀͟ w̷̢h͡ǫ ͜s͝͡͠a̛͟í̴͢d͡ ̕̕y̶̢o͠ư̡ ̢͟w̧͠e̷̵re ͝͠i҉̸͞͠on͝t͞r͜o̷̴͏l̡͞?͢
a chara/frisk companion mix to begin again

art by iceb0x

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The Cicadas Are Coming!

My latest article on @modfarm

Periodical cicadas (Magicicada spp.) are among those insects that arrive in plagues.

Related to smaller bugs like leafhoppers, they are often mistakenly called locusts. But the similarities between cicadas and Biblically-significant pests are limited to their tendency to congregate en masse. Unlike swarming locusts—which eat everything green in times of drought—periodical cicadas descend upon deciduous trees (their preferred food source) in the eastern United States for a period of about four or six weeks, on specific years.

Divided into regionally-distinct and synchronous “broods,” different species of Magicicada emerge on either 13- or 17-year cycles; the vast majority of their lives are spent in a larval stage under the soil, sucking nutrients from tree roots.

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