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“I like ‘If I Believe You’ because I see, cause you know, that song… seems… within our fans, you know, there’s so many different, we’re such a… we’re so lucky to have such a massive multicultural fan base and, you know, when you see young Muslim kids and young, you know, obvious kids that come from kind of like, I don’t know, a black gospel background or whatever it may be in America and you see them all kind of dealing with this… ‘Cause what it’s really about is my envying the faithful so all it does is kind of questions both sides and it’s a very gospel inspired number. People cry, people get very… it’s like exorcise -  they like… they wait for that moment to be like, ‘waaa-aah’ and I get it and I kind of feel it.” - Matty (2016) (x)                               

I get lost in people’s faces, in the kids who are crying. It’s very seldom I don’t jump down after a song to hug a kid who’s crying, because it means so much to me – it’s not about your experience, it’s about their experience. And I understand the sense of connection fans get when I interact with them at a show.



“I didn’t nearly give it to One Direction! This is something that has been said in an interview. I suppose I did. Fucking hell, imagine if I did… Oh God, can you imagine? They wouldn’t have liked it. They, what happened was, with that, was, they were like, I got a phone call and they were like, ‘One Direction want you to write a tune for them.” And I was like, ‘Fucking get in [2nd gif],’ right? Cause you know [3rd gif]… right. And I think it’s very distasteful when artists talk about money but fucking come on, if, you know, it’s like Adele wants you to write a tune, ‘Oh no, you’re alright.’ So, I went in there, really nice lads, they were really nice, like excited and that. And um, so and then I was like, fucking hell I don’t know what I’m doing, cause I’m not the kind of artist that goes in and I’m like, ‘Right, here’s, let’s just figure something out,’ like that’s not what I do. So, I then just started playing them like demos of stuff that I had and I was like, what are you doing, this is like your next album, but I was like, fuck it! And I ended up, I think ‘The Sound’ I played them and they were like, ‘That’s quite good.’ But then they played me a song, what had happened is, they’d already written a song that sounded like the 1975 and they’d got me in to pretty much go, ‘Yeah, go on then, use that,” which I didn’t, they used it anyway but [inaudible]. But I didn’t nearly give ‘The Sound’ to One Direction. But I do Like ‘The Sound’ it took us ages to figure it out though.” -Matty (2016) (x)                                 


“Our best mate Jordi*, is our mate from Manchester, and he gets kicked out of all of our gigs. He’s not necessarily rowdy, but he’s like a lad, he’s always trying to like sell stuff. He got banned from our gig for selling the tickets that we gave him, because we gave him like four tickets. He was like, ‘Yeah, but I just come in on the guest-list,’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but, you have to ask us.’ And then he got banned, because he was selling tickets.” (x

*not sure of the spelling.