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Belly Dancer Jensen

I dont actually KNOW how to make gifs..

But THIS was TOO IMPORTANT not to give it a try..

so i made gif of #JensenAckles showing off his Belly dancing skills.. and boy got moves (~_^)

Sorry for poor quality -Made via giphy online gif maker

Vid source :

and here compare it to “professional belly dancer “ …(gif below not mine)

“You’re dreaming. You know that, don’t you?”


I can’t thank enough the makers of Tumblr for being an instrument to meet such awesome people living in this world of chaos. So hi. Hindi ako friendly na tao and hindi ko kayo nakakausap ng personal or madalas, pero naapektuhan niyo ang buhay ko in a good way. Masaya na akong nakikilala ko kayo kahit paano based sa mga posts niyo, at nakakatuwang madalas kong makita iyong pagmamalasakit niyo sa bawat isa. 😊 You treat each other not as a friend but as a part of the family. I salute you guys. Anyway, a happy new year to all of you! May you all have a blessed and wonderful year.

@guhgoh Hi besh! Hindi na tayo natuloy huhuhu. My fault. :( Btw miss you na huhu

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