gif made by me 2

hello everyone!! so my dash has been dead and i’ve been dead recently and somehow everything’s been inactive in general. SO, I decided to open up this opportunity to follow more blogs! I’m thinking of becoming more multifandom, so basically reblogging more than just ANIME, but other stuff such as games, aesthetics, and more! (don’t worry my blog will still be mostly anime) 

anyways, if your blog meets any of the requirements below, please say so in the tags and REBLOG this post! I won’t be checking likes :( I’m more lenient now, so please reblog! 

- seasonal anime (this is a given)

- sports anime (i’m ok if your blog is mainly yoi as well) 

- KPOP/kDRAMA (i have a sideblog @adorbsjimin so I’ll be looking for blogs to follow so I can post stuff on there) 

- scenery/aesthetic/photography 

- are active, tag all of your posts, don’t repost anything, are willing to be mutuals with me 


- you make your own gifs/edits 

- are following me or willing to follow me heh

@ MUTUALS, if you could signal boost this it would mean so much!! I will be checking blogs on an hourly basis, so if I don’t get to your blog right away please be patient! I’ll be going through every single one :) remember, if I don’t follow, that does not mean your blog is not good at all. every blog is special in their own way! <3 


CHARLES VANE, Season 2 : “I was once a slave. I know too well the pain of the yoke on my shoulders and of the freedom of having cast it off. So I’m resolved, I will be no slave again. And as I am free, I hereby claim the same for Nassau. She is free today, and so long as I draw breath, she shall remain free.”