gif iti

Mirror Syndrome.

Here in better quality, (on Giphy).

Made by David de La Mano and Pablo S. Herrero.

Montevideo 2012, Av Dr Juan Carlos Blanco.

Original photo, (by Pablo S. Herrero and David de la Mano).

More info about the artists:

Pablo S. Herrero: | Official Blog | | Facebook | | Twitter |

David de la Mano: | Official Web | | Facebook | | Twitter | | Tumblr |


Time Lapse Street Art ( Gif-iti ) by INSA

London based artist INSA started with standard graffiti. But wanting to get more out of his painting he came up with the concept of “GIF-iti” - a series of painted images which are photographed and then looped in a digital file known as a GIF.“GIF-iti”

He has worked on art pieces around the world.  The Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) has created a number of challenges for INSA and he has altered his art accordingly. He says that now his medium is digital he uses fewer colours than he used to. Txt BBC  The most painstaking art in the world?

Insaland blog