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Deadlift Exercise Post!

The deadlift seems like an easy exercise from first sight, but to do it right you have to know a few tips!

Deadlifting is more than just picking up weight off the floor. You’re lifting the weight with your entire lower body system, from your legs to your lower back, to your traps as well. You’re not using just your legs or not just your back for the traditional deadlift!

1. To begin the deadlift: 

Make sure the bar is halfway over your feet, covering your shoelaces. The bar should NOT be at your toes or further, this will hurt your back!

2. Foot placement: 


Feet shoulder width apart or closer, and hands placed outside your thighs. Toes pointed forward or at an angle is depending on your comfort. This stance is best for building muscle.


Feet placed wider than shoulders, near the weights on the bar. Hands place between your legs. Feet pointed forward or angled depending on comfort. This stance allows for heavier weight to be pulled.

3. Getting ready:

Chest up, head neutral but eyes looking to your goals: up. Back is STRAIGHT, not rounded. Pull that bar just enough to feel the weights on the bar to get rid of the ‘slack’ (see the bar bending up even before I try to lift it from the ground). This is NOT a SQUAT! Hips should be ABOVE your knees, not parallel or below.

4. Liftoff:

The bar should drag along your shins and thighs, so wear leggings to protect your skin. Think of yourself pushing AGAINST the ground rather than just pulling up. Push with your legs while lifting your CHEST up. The back should remain straight, not rounded. Remember, your lower back shouldn’t be moving the weight! 

5. Back down:

Being careful not to bump your knees, the bar should follow along your thighs and shins once more. Your hips should bend first, followed by your knees (see above gif, hips lock in then right back out). The rep isn’t done until the bar is back on the floor, so DO NOT drop it from the top. 

The deadlift might be more complicated than it looks, but it is a great exercise to add to your routine! Practice makes perfect, so get out there!

It’s not too late for an end-of-summer road trip. Put your hair up in a Twisted Summer Bun and roll those windows down!

1. Scrunch dry hair with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Mousse and blow dry upside-down for body. Create center part.

2. From your right side, twist a 1" piece of hair towards the back of your head, gathering hair as you go. Clip in place. Switch sides and repeat.

3. In prep for creating the knot, unclip and separate the 2 sides,  Knot the two twists around each other pulling into a low bun. Twist remaining hair around the bun and pin in place.

4. Finish with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray. Add a hair clip or headband for a fancy touch!