gif ed because i love this part

Ed and you had met in a writing session. You were an aspiring singer/songwriter and had landed a writing gig with Ed. You had been super nervous but as soon as you entered the room Ed had made you feel as home. You hit it off instantly and wrote some amazing songs together. One of which that ended up on his album.

It had been a few months since then and you two were dating. When the album was released the fans loved the song you wrote together and in turn loved you two together. You had been expected some backlash, but for the most part everyone was really nice about everything.

You were touring with Ed at the moment, writing songs when ever you both had a chance. Tonight you were playing in your hometown arena and your parents and friends had all come out to support Ed. You however stayed backstage to watch because thats where you felt most comfortable.

“This next song is my favourite to play.” Ed said, the crowd cheered, “I wrote this one with someone who is very special to me. She so talented and honest, I think it shows in her work.” Ed was playing up the song, he did this almost every night, but it felt different somehow. “I was hoping she’d come out and play it with me.” Butterflies hatched in your stomach as the stage manager gave you a guitar and a microphone.

“I can’t” You protested, but your feet lead you onto the stage and the crowd went crazy at the sight of you.

Ed was smiling and his eye lit up as you got closer.

“Please give a warm welcome to Y/N!!”

You sang the song and the crowd knew every word. You were on cloud 9, and you knew why Ed loved playing so much.

“One more time you this lovely lady.” Ed said and pulled you into a hug. “I love you” He whispered in your ear, “you were amazing.”

When you got off stage, your phone started blowing up, twitter was going crazy. People loved it. They loved you two together.

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