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I think it’s a shame that Demi wants to go out of the industry. They are all just human and they want to do what they love most, in her case, singing. But if she even lost the pleasure in that I don’t know if she will ever find it back again. She was so exited for us to hear D6 and now she doesn’t even know if it will come out next year. Demi does some much for everyone and all her fans appreciate it but it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t and that’s a real shame. She needs to have this really good feeling that everyone wants her back in the industry, because she belongs there. I am really upset about it..

People often wonder how someone like an artist can save someone’s life. Don’t doubt someone who talks non-stop about someone that has saved them, whether it may be religious or not, because you never know that the person who needed the saving is holding on by a simple thread. One little smile or song could change that one person’s life. Be careful of what you say because you could lead someone to not have the opportunity to ever be saved.