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legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

happy birthday, UNDERTALE. 

i could do a heartfelt speech about how much joy it brought me, how many friends it gave me, how many tears it made me shed, but also I’ve been drawing UNDERTALE stuff pretty much non-stop since it came out so I think that’d be kinda redundant.

thank you, Toby Fox. you’re a cool dude.

Skull-Kids! Comic Concept Pt.2

I did the next page of this short concept comic, this time I changed a couple of things and realized a few problems. 1. Clip studio does not have the option to not loop animation (like I originally thought), 2. Gifs can’t handle gradients.

But I’ve decided that this format will be the final format, I love the way it looks and I enjoy drawing it. (I also forgot Skully’s flame in the last panel, oops). Thank you for everyone who left feedback, and enjoyed the comic, expect more soon! 

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Thank you~!


More gifs~ Here you have the item list :3 It’s not that different, but there are SOME differences.

The cinnamon bunny turned into a normal cinnamon roll, because who needs cute treats that take time and effort when you can just giv’em a regular sweet?

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