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So we are finally at the end of this dreadful year, and I just wanted to show my love and appreciation to everyone who makes this website a little bit more tolerable. I loved seeing each and every one of you on my dash this year so I hope to see you yet again throughout 2017 as well! I really do hope 2017 is better to us all. Thank you once again, you are all truly a treasure and I love every single one of you guys!!  💕

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I wanted to make something for the holidays and since I’ve changed my url like five times in the past month, just a reminder this is Mark haha. Its been a while since my last follow forever, plus things have changed with the new people I can call friends. Thank you all for making my day brighter with the garbage that we got from 2016. I hope you all have an amazing time over the holidays and that 2017 is grand for the all of you. May the force be with you all and merry star wars everyone. *Also if i miss anyone, please don’t take it personally. I’m very forgetful.  

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